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Howell; David Gregory
Gilbert, AZ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7819688 Integrated socket clip with rotation control tabs October 26, 2010
A socket adapted for electrically connecting an IC package and a PCB, comprising: a body mounted on the PCB for electrically connecting the IC package, a holder mounted on the PCB and beside the body and a clip for retaining the IC package in the body. The clip has two hook portions by
7794261 Electrical connector assembly having a rotatable clip-fastening mechanism September 14, 2010
An electrical connector assembly (100) comprising a substrate (6), an electrical connector mounted onto the upper surface (60) of the substrate (6) and comprising an insulative housing (8) with a plurality of contacts (9) and a load plate (1) pivotally mounted onto the substrate (6)
7778041 Interconnection system between CPU and voltage regulator August 17, 2010
A power interconnection system is provided including a printed circuit board (10), a voltage regulator package (30), and an electrical connection socket (20) adapted for receiving a chip package (40) therein. The electrical socket and the voltage regulator package are mounted and ele
7753695 Socket with wire-shaped contacts July 13, 2010
A socket connector, for electrically connecting an IC package and a printed circuit board, comprises a base having a plurality of through holes, a cover mounted on the base and having a top plate, a plurality of wire-shape contacts bent from a metal haulm and an adapter assembled bel
7578675 Electrical contact used in electrical connector August 25, 2009
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing defining a number of passageways and a plurality of electrical contacts received in corresponding passageways of the insulative housing. Each contact is formed with a base portion, a solder portion bended from a bottom edge of th
7553178 Socket connector with pre-assembled screw June 30, 2009
A socket connector for electrically connecting an IC package and a printed circuit board, includes a housing receiving a number of contacts, a stiffener surrounding the housing, a cover pivotably mounted at an end of the stiffener to cover the housing and a lever pivotably mounted at an
6652329 Terminals for an electrical socket November 25, 2003
A conductive terminal (1) used for an electrical socket comprises a retaining body (10) retained to a terminal hole (24) of the base of an electrical socket (2), a soldering portion (12) and a resilient arm (16) both extending from the retaining body. The retaining body is parallel to
6648655 Land grid array socket with supporting members November 18, 2003
An LGA socket (1) for electrically connecting an LGA package (3) to a PCB (4) includes a low-profile insulative housing (10) defining a plurality of passageways (13) that receive a plurality of terminals (20) therein. A pair of slots (14) is defined in opposite sides of the housing, each
6572386 Socket having low wiping terminals June 3, 2003
A socket includes a housing and a plurality of terminals received in the housing. Each terminal includes a securing portion inserted in the housing, a mating portion and a spring portion connected between the securing portion and the mating portion. When the socket interconnects with
6561818 Electrical connector with metal retention arms May 13, 2003
An electrical connector for connecting an electronic package (1) with a circuit substrate. A preferred embodiment of the electrical connector is a land grid array connector, which includes a parallelepiped-shaped insulative housing (2) and a plurality of retention arms (3). The housing
6544065 ZIF socket connector April 8, 2003
An electrical socket for supporting an integrated circuit chip on a circuit board mainly includes a dielectric base, a number of conductive contacts retained in the base, a cover and an actuation member for movably attaching to the cover with respect to the base. The actuation member
6508659 Electrical socket having a backup means January 21, 2003
An electrical socket (1) for supporting an integrated circuit chip on a circuit board mainly comprises a non-conductive base (10), a plurality of conductive contacts (20) retained in the base, a slidable cover (30) and an actuator member (40) for moving the slidable cover with respect to
6478588 CPU socket assembly with pick up cap November 12, 2002
A CPU socket assembly includes a base (20) defining an array of contact passageways (21), a plurality of conductive contacts (50) received in the contact passageways, a cover (10) movably mounted on the base and defining an array of pin holes (11) in alignment with the contact passageway

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