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Howard; Walter E.
Davis, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4472377 Method and composition for luring coyotes September 18, 1984
The method and composition of the invention comprises one or more synthetically prepared, substantially pure compounds effective as odor attractants to lure coyotes having the structure-- ##STR1## where R is hydrogen or methyl and R' is hydrogen, secondary butyl or alkyl containi
4446648 Bait post May 8, 1984
A bait post for coyotes has a vertical pole tapered at one end for facile insertion into the ground, a side arm attached at or near the end of the pole opposite the so-tapered end, a holder attached to the side arm, and a solid substrate held by the holder for holding agents to control c
4286405 Trap for pit viper September 1, 1981
An elongated cage is selective in entrapping only pit vipers, the cage being open at one end to provide ingress for the triangular-shaped head of a pit viper, the other end of the cage being closed to prevent egress. A noose is placed at the open end, the noose allowing the snake to inse

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