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Hopkins; Paul E.
Savage, MN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8246888 Support material for digital manufacturing systems August 21, 2012
A support material feedstock comprising a first copolymer and a polymeric impact modifier, where the first copolymer includes a first monomer unit comprising a carboxyl group and a second monomer unit comprising a phenyl group.
7374712 Method for building three-dimensional models from thermoplastic modeling materials May 20, 2008
The present invention is a method and apparatus for building three-dimensional models by deposition modeling techniques from moisture-sensitive thermoplastics. A feedstock of thermoplastic modeling material is dried to a low moisture content and supplied to a dispensing head of a mod
7172715 Filament spool auto-change in a modeling machine February 6, 2007
A filament cassette and a filament loading assembly supply modeling filament to a liquifier in a three-dimensional deposition modeling machine. Two or more cassettes containing spooled filament are inserted into the machine. A strand of filament from a first one of the cassettes is f
7169337 Method for loading filament in an extrusion apparatus January 30, 2007
Filament is loaded into an extrusion apparatus, such as a three-dimensional deposition modeling machine, by inserting a cassette containing filament into the apparatus. A filament strand from the cassette is then advanced into the machine, such as by operating a thumb wheel or a foll
6923634 Filament loading system in an extrusion apparatus August 2, 2005
An apparatus which extrudes flowable material from a liquifier includes a system for loading filament supplied in a cassette. The cassette is loaded into a loading bay of the apparatus. A strand of filament from the cassette is engaged and advanced along a path to the liquifier using a
6869559 Material and method for three-dimensional modeling March 22, 2005
The present invention is a modeling technique wherein a three-dimensional model and its support structure are built by fused deposition modeling, using a thermoplastic blended material containing a polyphenylsulfone (PPSF) polymer and a polycarbonate (PC) polymer to form the model. The
6776602 Filament cassette and loading system August 17, 2004
Disclosed are a filament cassette and a filament loading assembly for supplying filament in a three-dimensional deposition modeling machine. The filament cassette contains a rotatable spool of filament, and has an exit orifice through which a filament strand may exit the cassette. The
6685866 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional modeling February 3, 2004
Disclosed are an apparatus and method for three-dimensional deposition modeling, which shield a supply of modeling filament fed through a deposition modeling machine from exposure to environmental moisture. Dry gas under pressure is supplied to a filament path leading from a material
6004124 Thin-wall tube liquifier December 21, 1999
A rapid prototyping system has a liquifier carried by a extrusion head. The liquifier is formed of a single piece of thin-wall tubing preferably made of metal, encased in a heating block. The thin-wall tube has a inlet end for receiving a filament of molding material and an outlet end fo

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