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Hiratani; Hajime
Sennan, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5403731 Process of producing modified superoxide dismutase April 4, 1995
A modified superoxide dismutase represented by the formula: ##STR1## (wherein R is as defined below; SOD is a residue of superoxide dismutase) is produced, in a shortened period of reaction with a high and constant modification ratio, by reacting a polymeric carbonyldiimidazole deriv
5371196 Process for producing secretory immunoglobulin A preparations December 6, 1994
Secretory immunoglobulin A preparations substantially not containing virus are produced by a process wherein secretory immunoglobulin A which might be contaminated with viruses is (1) heated about C. for about 10 hours, or (2) subjected to the reaction with tri-n-butyl phospha
5283239 Inhibitor of herpesvirus absorption February 1, 1994
LEM which is an aqueous extract of a mycelial culture of Lentinus Edodes and has a sugar composition composed of arabinose, xylose, glucose, mannose, galasctose, fucose and rhamnose, as well as a fraction of LEM which corresponds to molecular weights of 10,000 to 1,000,000 daltons and
5281577 Inhibitor of the proliferation of herpes viruses and inhibitor of the recurrence of affections c January 25, 1994
An inhibitor of the proliferation of herpesviruses and of the recurrence of affections caused by their latent infection, which is an active material obtained by fractional purification of the aqueous extract from cultured Lentinus edodes mycelia.
5240864 Method of assaying or analyzing subtypes of human leukocyte interferons or their antibodies, and August 31, 1993
Antiserum which can recognize all subtypes of human leukocyte interferon is prepared from the blood of an animal immunized with partially purified human leukocyte interferon obtained from a culture of human leukocyte stimulated with Sendai virus.The antiserum is added to a column whereon
5173415 Process for removal of viruses from solutions of physiologically active substances December 22, 1992
A membrane filter of 0.025 to 0.05 .mu. in pore size is treated by passing the solution of a water-soluble high molecular substance such as albumin, dextran, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polysorbate 80, gelatin or the like through the membrane filter. Employing the filter thus treated, the solu
4946785 Method of suppressing the thermal degradation of urokinase August 7, 1990
The thermal degradation of urokinase in an aqueous solution is suppressed by heating an aqueous solution containing urokinase in the presence of citric acid or a water-soluble salt thereof such as sodium, potassium or lithium citrate at about C. for about 10 hours.
4780209 Process for concentrating and separating trypsin inhibitor and kallidinogenase in human urine October 25, 1988
Two components, trypsin and kallidinogenase, in human urine are concentrated simultaneously by allowing human urine at neutral pH, collecting bubbles thus formed to obtain the concentrate of the two components, adjusting the concentrate to weak acidity, contacting the acidified conce
4676983 Tumor cytostatic-citocidal factor from blood platelets June 30, 1987
A tumor cytostatic-cytocidal factor is produced by disrupting platelets, extracting the disrupted platelets with an acidic aqueous solution or an acidic water-organic solvent mixture, and, after gel filtration, if desired, to separate a fraction having an estimated molecular weight of
4665161 Process for producing highly purified HCG May 12, 1987
Crude HCG is purified by extracting with a neutral or weakly basic aqueous solution containing lower aliphatic alcohol and soluble salt, adding lower aliphatic alcohol to the extracted solution to form precipitates and the precipitates containing high purity of HCG are collected. This
4609546 Long-acting composition September 2, 1986
A composition wherein a physiologically active polypeptide or a glycoprotein of human origin, for instance, urokinase, kallikrein or leukocyte interferon, is coupled to a polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene copolymer. The composition is effective in the human body for a prolonged period
4528186 Method of producing human epidermal growth factor July 9, 1985
A method for producing a human epidermal growth factor in high yield and high purity by adding particles of an aluminum or magnesium silicate of the formula z.2 (or 6) SiO.sub.2.xH.sub.2 O where Z is Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 or 2MgO and x is the number of water molecules in each molecule of the
4510248 Process for concentrating and purifying human urinary kallikrein April 9, 1985
Human urinary kallikrein is concentrated and purified by the following procedures; (a) Human urine is contacted with chitosan, a high molecular agglutinant obtained from chitin, at a pH from 4.0 to 7.0, thereby kallikrein is adsorbed on the chitosan and (b) kallikrein is eluted from
4500514 Process for preparing a heat-stable aqueous solution of human urine kallikrein and product prepa February 19, 1985
Human urine kallikrein dissolved in water is made heat-stable by the addition of a citric acid salt such as sodium citrate, so that an aqueous solution containing the kallikrein and the citric acid salt can be sterilized at to C.
4468344 Method of fractional collection of gastric acid secretion inhibiting components August 28, 1984
Gastric acid secretion inhibiting substance obtainable from mammalian urine by conventional method is fractionated into the first and second components by gel filtration, adsorption and desorption on ion exchanger or electrophoresis detecting each component by biological test methods.

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