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Higgins; John T.
Trail, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4330319 Manufacture of urea sulfur fertilizer May 18, 1982
A process is disclosed for the production of a urea sulfur fertilizer by mixing urea and molten sulfur to obtain a molten mixture and solidifying the molten mixture to obtain a homogeneous, solid, particulate urea sulfur fertilizer wherein the sulfur has particle sizes of smaller than ab
4234318 Process for granulation of sulfur November 18, 1980
A process for the production of granular sulfur in a rotating drum in which molten sulfur at a temperature within the range of about to C. is sprayed in a contact zone onto a bed of moving sulfur particles and a continuous curtain of said particles and resulting
4153431 Process and apparatus for cleaning prilling tower effluent May 8, 1979
Process and apparatus for removing particulate material from a dust laden gas exhausting from the top of a prilling tower which comprises passing the dust laden gas through an aqueous scrubbing liquid spray and thence through a filter onto which the scrubbing liquid spray impinges in
4072024 Recovery of ammonia from underground storage February 7, 1978
A process for recovering gaseous ammonia from liquefied ammonia stored in an underground cavern includes heating gaseous ammonia to a temperature below that at which decomposition occurs and feeding it into the liquefied ammonia in the cavern. The release of the heated gaseous ammonia in

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