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Hess; Heinz
Weiterstadt, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5168349 Synchronization of color carriers of different color TV standards having the same line frequency December 1, 1992
When two color television standards prescribe the same horizontal scanning frequency but different color carrier frequencies, one of them, for example, requiring a frequency providing a one-half line offset to the horizontal scanning frequency (NTSC Standard) and the other requiring a
4698667 Method to reestablish a predetermined phase relationship of a chrominance TV signal with respect October 6, 1987
To simplify the apparatus and the method steps to reestablish predetermined phase relationship of a chrominance TV signal with a reference, two chrominance derived signals of carrier frequency, respectively phase shifted by plus and minus with respect to the carrier frequency
4688083 Circuit arrangement for matrixing three chroma signals to obtain color difference and a luminanc August 18, 1987
To control the amplitude of color difference signals (R-Y, B-Y), a circuit is formed by two transistors each receiving matrixed color difference signals at their emitters, the base electrodes of one of the transistors (14, 16) being connected to a source of reference voltage and the base
4679064 Circuit for changeable prolongation of the running time of an ultrasound delay line July 7, 1987
A circuit for the changeable prolongation of the (phase-) running time of an ultrasound delay line with a delay duration of somewhat less than a line duration for color television signals in the range of the color carrier frequency includes a changeable resistor which is disposed in the
4496966 Method for mixing two color television signals January 29, 1985
The invention concerns a method and apparatus for mixing a foreground signal and a background signal under the control of a switching signal which is derived as a function of the color of the foreground signal. In response to the switching signal selected parts of the foreground signal
4456921 Comb filtering for NTSC television signals June 26, 1984
Method and apparatus for comb filtering NTSC type television signals is described. The television signal is delayed by one line period, the delayed and the undelayed television signal are averaged. The resulting signal is delayed again by one line period and the delayed and the undel
4305090 Method and system for contrast correction of color television signals December 8, 1981
A contrast correction signal is generated to compensate for the limited contrast range of known image converters. The one of the primary color signals having the highest luminosity is low-pass filtered, its amplitude indicative of darker picture portions boosted, by use of a nonlinear
4222106 Functional curve displaying process and apparatus September 9, 1980
A process and two embodiments of an apparatus are disclosed for displaying, on the screen of a conventional home television receiver, curves illustrating analog signal potential functions of the form U(x,y). The process generally requires generating first and second saw-tooth signals
4185295 Method of mixing SECAM color-T.V. signals January 22, 1980
Each one of plural SECAM color-T.V. signals to be mixed is processed as follows: the signal is split into a luminance component and a video-frequency color component; the color component is amplitude-modulated onto a carrier, and the thusly modulated carrier is superimposed onto the
4145706 Video display March 20, 1979
This invention concerns a circuit arrangement for visually representing a horizontal frequency coupled input signal on the picture screen of a video display device such as a domestic television receiver. This is achieved by comparing the input signal to be represented in visual form with

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