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Hermann; Jean
Neuchatel, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5856765 Electronic device comprising an integrated time base January 5, 1999
An electronic device (1) has a substrate (2) of monocrystalline silicon on which is an integrated circuit (3). The integrated circuit is an oscillator containing a resonator, a maintenance circuit to cause the vibration of the resonator, and a frequency division chain. The maintenanc
5551294 Micromachined measuring cell with arm supported sensor September 3, 1996
A micromachined measuring cell is adapted to be mounted on a support and has a measuring sensor (121) and an assembly structure (120) distinct from one another and associated with each other by a connecting arm (128). At least one part element (103b) of the assembly structure, one part (
5196758 High frequency piezoelectric resonator March 23, 1993
A piezoelectric resonator containing two rectangular parallelepipedal slices including N and M base structures, respectively, wherein N and M are integers. The two rectangular parallelepipedal slices each include at least one base structure shaped as a thin crystal slice of piezoelectric
4926086 Piezoelectric resonator May 15, 1990
A piezoelectric resonator formed as a thin parallelepipedic quartz plate whose width is arranged along the electric axis X of the crystal, the length along an axis Y' and the thickness along an axis Z', wherein the axes Y' and Z' form an angle approximately equal to with the
4503353 Cut angles for tuning fork type quartz resonators March 5, 1985
Axes X', Y' and Z' of a resonator are established from the axes X, Y and Z of a quartz crystal by virtue of two rotational movements through angles .phi. and .theta., respectively. The resonator is energized to vibrate in accordance with the fundamental torsional mode. The angles of cut
4450378 ZT-Cut piezo-electric resonator May 22, 1984
A ZT-cut quartz crystal resonator comprises two thin rectangular plates connected together by at least one resonant arm which itself is connected to a support zone by a linking bar. A pair of electrodes is provided on the quartz resonator for receiving alternating electrical signals of
4313071 Piezo-electric quartz resonator January 26, 1982
The resonator according to the invention comprises at least one quartz crystal in the form of a rectangular thin plate, of which the length l is directed along an axis X', the width w along an axis Y' and the thickness t along an axis Z', and which vibrates in a contour mode. The axis Z'
4126802 Torsional mode CT or DT cut quartz resonator November 21, 1978
The invention relates to piezoelectric resonators, and more particularly to piezoelectric resonators comprising a DT- or CT-cut quartz plate vibrating torsionally about its longitudinal axis which is the electrical axis X of the quartz crystal. The width of the plate b, extending along t
4065684 Piezoelectric resonator for timepieces and method for making same December 27, 1977
A piezoelectric resonator, particularly for electronic wrist watches, comprises an elongated piezoelectric crystal rod that oscillates in length-extension. Opposite faces of the rod are partially metallized; and short wires are secured tangentially to these metallized surfaces midway

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