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Heibel; Helmut
Moschheim, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6233932 Fully hydraulic brake power generator/master cylinder unit with improved brake pressure feedback May 22, 2001
A fully hydraulic brake power generator/master cylinder unit (10) for a vehicle brake system has a housing (12) with a bore (14) which is formed therein and in which a primary piston (16) is arranged sealingly and displaceably. Located in the bore (14) is a first pressure chamber (22),
6226993 Fully hydraulic brake booster/master cylinder unit May 8, 2001
A fully hydraulic brake booster/master cylinder unit (10) for a vehicle brake system has a housing (12) and a bore (14) which is formed therein and in which is arranged sealingly and displaceably a primary piston (16) which is coupled to an input member (40) for transmitting an actuating
6099087 Hydraulic braking systems for vehicles August 8, 2000
In a braking system in which brake application is controlled electronically by the use of electrically controlled actuators (5, 6), a pedal-operated hydrostatic master cylinder (31) is connected to a brake (12) through at least one of the actuators (5). A first normally open valve (7) is
5772290 Vehicle brake system having an electronically controlled booster June 30, 1998
An apparatus for controlling the brake pressure in a vehicle brake system equipped with an electronically adjustable brake booster (10), comprising an actuator (22) which transmits the actuating movement of the brake pedal to a master brake cylinder and has assigned a path limiting eleme
5769189 Automotive parking brake and parking brake system for motor vehicles June 23, 1998
In order to improve an electrically actuatable automotive parking brake with mechanical emergency actuation, the brake pads (52, 54) of the parking brake, which may be either a disk brake or a drum brake, can be applied or released via gear arrangement (100) arranged within or at the
5658055 Vehicle brake system having an electronically controlled booster August 19, 1997
The vehicle brake system including an electronically controlled brake booster (10), comprising a first actuator (350) which is connected to a second actuator (360) for transmitting to the same an actuating movement (P) of a brake pedal, wherein the second actuator (360) transmits the
5590937 Electronically controlled vehicle braking system and method for operating same January 7, 1997
The invention relates to an electronically controlled vehicle braking system with a brake booster comprising an electromagnetically operable control valve arrangement, an electronic control device supplying the control valve arrangement with control signals for initiating or cancelli
5479844 Pneumatic booster with electromagnetic servo control, especially for motor vehicle brake systems January 2, 1996
Two chambers (12, 14) in a booster casing (10) are separated by a movable wall (16) which is connected to a valve housing (22). The housing contains a movable sealing member (60) with which a first valve seat (24), formed in the valve housing (22), and a second valve seat (32), formed on
5427442 Brake pressure control method and apparatus, including a brake pressure booster June 27, 1995
In a motor vehicle brake system, a force increase gradient (Fv ped) at the brake pedal is determined and, in response thereto, the brake pressure is boosted in a manner which provides for successively associating respective threshold values (Fv max) with respective instantaneous force in
5331813 Brake actuator assembly for motor vehicles July 26, 1994
A brake actuator assembly for motor vehicles. A mounting plate (14) formed with a central hole (60) serves for fastening a pneumatic brake pressure booster (22) to the splashboard (10) of a motor vehicle. The brake pressure booster (22) includes a rear housing portion (50) formed with a
5178441 Motor vehicle braking system January 12, 1993
The invention relates to a motor vehicle braking system, comprising a brake pedal (P) to generate brake pressure in an hydraulic fluid, a brake pressure booster (12) operated by differential pressure and adapted to be actuated by a first valve (V.sub.1) which is pressurized mechanically
5080203 Spot-type disc brake having a sliding caliper January 14, 1992
In a spot-type disc brake guides are arranged between each of the arms of a brake support and the sliding caliper to permit displacement of the sliding caliper and the transmission of braking forces to the brake support. The guides each have a guide body comprising a groove extending
5072996 Brake actuating assembly for motor vehicles December 17, 1991
The assembly includes a master brake cylinder (10) to which at least one brake circuit can be connected, a modulator (12) and a pneumatic braking force booster (14). For modulating the pressure in the brake circuit the modulator (12) is connected to the master brake cylinder (10). The br
5022717 Pressure control unit, especially for motor vehicle brake systems June 11, 1991
A valve block (10) includes fluid passages (12), valves (14), and connections (30,32,34) for fluid operated devices. Electromagnets (36) are attached to the valve block (10) for actuating the valves (14). A hood (40) covering the electromagnets (36) is placed on the valve block (10).
4966530 Hydraulic pump and motor assemblies for vehicle hydraulic systems October 30, 1990
An hydraulic pump and motor assembly for a vehicle hydraulic system has a housing accommodating the pump and motor, the pump having one or more spring-loaded pistons working in complementary bores to pump hydaulic fluid from a reservoir port to a delivery port, and the pistons being
4852700 Spot-type disk brake August 1, 1989
On a brake support (12) engaging over a brake disk (10) a piston (34) is supported and on the other side a floating caliper (14) is supported for axial displacement. In both cases slide guides (40) are provided for the supporting and each have a guide body (42) having a groove (46) paral
4775033 Floating caliper spot-type disc brake October 4, 1988
A floating caliper of a spot-type disc brake supported for displacement with respect to a carrier member which is fixed to a vehicle and includes two brake pads for pressurizing the brake disc from either side. A hydraulic piston and cylinder assembly in the floating caliper directly
4768631 Low sensitivity drum brake September 6, 1988
A drum brake comprises two brake shoes (4,5) which are operable hydraulically and/or mechanically. A first brake shoe (4) is supported trailingly in forward travelling direction and leadingly in backward travelling direction. In the forward travelling direction both brake shoes (4,5)
4732242 Spot-type disc brake for vehicles March 22, 1988
A brake carrier (12) straddling the edge of a brake disc (10) guides two brake pads (24,26) disposed at one side each of the brake disc (10). The brake comprises an actuator (22) having an actuating axis (B) defining a radial center plane (C) together with the axis (A) of the brake disc.
4589527 Automatic adjusting device for a brake May 20, 1986
A strut (40), whose effective length depends on the relative positions of two strut portions (42,44) adjustable with respect to each other is connected in parallel with a brake actuating mechanism (18). One strut portion (44) has at least one part adjustable transversely of the longi
4433543 Power-operated boosters February 28, 1984
A booster for a vehicle braking system has an input piston, a boost piston and an output piston working a bore, the boost piston being advanced in the bore in response to pressure fluid from a source pressurizing a boost chamber under control of a valve.The operation of the valve is depe
4392558 Actuator mechanisms for vehicle brakes July 12, 1983
The present invention provides an actuator mechanism comprising an axially rotatable actuator shaft and an actuator member which, in use, can be moved axially to actuate a brake. The actuator shaft and actuator member are interconnected by an assembly which comprises a first fast thread
4371317 Hydraulic systems February 1, 1983
In an hydraulic system an unloader valve is located in a line between a pump and an hydraulic accumulator. The unloader valve is operative to prevent the accumulator from being overcharged and to allow the pump to re-charge the accumulator should the pressure stored therein fall below a
4289217 Friction pad assemblies for disc brakes September 15, 1981
The present specification discloses a friction pad assembly and disc brake incorporating such an assembly, wherein the friction pad assembly comprises a backing plate and a pad of friction material secured thereto, a wire spring being secured to the backing plate. The wire spring com

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