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Hazumi; Hiroshi
Nagoya, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8284383 Object recognition apparatus utilizing beam scanning for detecting widths of objects of various October 9, 2012
An object recognition apparatus performs a sweep of a scanned region by transmitting scanning wave beams at respective scan angles and successive timings, derives a received-wave signal strength value and reflection location corresponding to each scan wave beam during the sweep, and
7271761 Distance calculating method and system September 18, 2007
In a system, a frequency-modulating unit is configured to frequency-modulate a radar wave signal within a predetermined frequency modulation range from bottom to top so that a frequency of the frequency-modulated radar wave changes in time. The rate of frequency change of the radar w
7151482 Antenna configuration and radar device including same December 19, 2006
A radar device (2) includes plural transmission antennas and plural reception antennas. The reception antennas constitute a reception-side antenna portion (20) and are arranged at an interval of d. The transmission antennas constitute a transmission-side antenna portion (18) and are
6339395 Radar apparatus using digital beam forming techniques January 15, 2002
A radar apparatus is provided which is designed to form digital beams using beat signals each of which is produced by one of a plurality of receivers and analyze the frequency of the beat signals in units of the beams for obtaining data such as the distance to, relative speed, and azimut
6337656 Monopulse radar apparatus January 8, 2002
A radar apparatus is provided which is capable of discriminating between azimuth angles of two or more targets moving side by side close to each other. The radar apparatus provides antenna beams which partially overlap with each other to define a plurality of monopulse areas and processe
6292129 Structure of radar system with multi-receiver channel September 18, 2001
A radar apparatus is provided which includes a transmitter, a receiver, and a signal processor. The transmitter produces a transmit signal which is so modulated in frequency as to change with time cyclically and transmits the transmit signal as a radar wave. The receiver selectively esta
5977904 Structure of aperture antenna and radar system using same November 2, 1999
An aperture antenna suitable for a radar system of an automotive vehicle is provided which includes three or more primary radiators and a feeding circuit. The feeding circuit is designed to supply electromagnetic signals to adjacent two of the primary radiators through discrete feeders t
5815112 Planar array antenna and phase-comparison monopulse radar system September 29, 1998
A planar array antenna comprises a plurality of antenna elements disposed in a predetermined matrix pattern. Feeders extend from a feed to the antenna elements. High-frequency switches cooperatively open or close the feeders connected to antenna elements of at least one row of the matrix
5757307 Radar system for detecting distance, mutual speed and azimuth of a target obstacle May 26, 1998
Receivers 14 and 16 comprise mixers 14b and 16b for mixing reception signals of receiver antennas 14a and 16a with a transmission signal to generate beat signals B1 and B2, respectively. Signal processing section 20 performs the Fourier transformation of beat signals B1 and B2 supplied
5751240 FMCW radar system for detecting distance, relative velocity and azimuth of a target obstacle May 12, 1998
Beat signals of respective receiver channels CH1 and CH2, produced by mixing their receiving signals with a transmission signal, are subjected to Fourier transformation to detect the frequency and phase of peak frequency components in both an ascending-section where the frequency of
5731778 FM-CW radar apparatus for measuring relative speed of and distance to an object March 24, 1998
An FM-CW radar which is suitable for automotive anti-collision systems, for example, is provided. This radar outputs a radar signal in the form of a triangular wave whose frequency is increased at a given rate and decreased at a given rate. A receiver receives a wave reflected from a tar

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