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Hasegawa; Masahiro
Kameyama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6915558 Method of assembling separable transformer July 12, 2005
A stator core (11) is mounted to a stationary member (22) and electric wiring on the stator side is carried out, to thereby assemble a first sub-module (20), and a rotor core (12) is mounted to a rotary member (21) and electric wiring on the rotor side is carried out, to thereby assemble
6481296 Sensor for detecting relative rotation between shafts November 19, 2002
A rotation sensor (10) provided with a first rotor (11) fixed to a predetermined position in the axial direction of the shaft, a second rotor (12) fixed to the shaft (5) adjoining the first rotor, and a magnetic material core (13) having a resonance coil (13c) arranged around the first
5409389 Transmission apparatus between rotatable body and fixed body April 25, 1995
Disclosed is a transmission apparatus comprising an outer casing, an inner casing relatively rotatable to the outer casing, a flexible cable of which one end is connected to the inside surface of the outer casing and the other end is connected to the outside surface of the inner casing,
4978191 Connector device December 18, 1990
A connector device in which at least one flexible transmission member is housed in a holding portion, which is defined by a fixed housing mounted on a stationary member and a movable housing mounted on a rotating member and rotatably combined with the fixed housing, and the stationary an

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