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Hartemann; Pierre
Paris, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5307068 Tunable high-frequency devices April 26, 1994
A tunable high-frequency device using a superconductive thin layer with a thickness smaller than the thickness of penetration of a magnetic field is positioned on a dielectric layer. Also included is a means for varying the density of the Cooper pairs of the superconductive thin layer.
5043580 Radiation detector August 27, 1991
A radiation detector comprising an element made of superconductive material supplied by an electrical generator as well as a system to measure the resistance of the element. For example, the generator is a constant voltage source. The measuring system utilizes a resistor placed in series
4731581 Measurement head for a magnetic field gradient vector measuring apparatus, an apparatus comprisi March 15, 1988
A measurement head for a magnetic field gradient vector measuring apparatus, comprising essentially a laser diode emitting two light beams aligned along the same axis. Two magnetic field measuring cells are placed in the paths of these light beams. Each cell comprises a wafer coated with
4697145 Measuring system and measuring cell for making magnetic field measurements September 29, 1987
A process and apparatus for measuring a magnetic field based on the Faraday effect rotation of a light beam passing through a ferrimagnetic coating subject to a magnetic field to be measured is shown. The magnetization direction within the ferrimagnetic coating is coherently oriented by
4586512 Device for localized heating of biological tissues May 6, 1986
A device for therapeutic heating by hyperthermia comprises an emitter which focuses ultrasonic radiation into biological tissues and produces localized heating, especially for the treatment of tumors. The radiation emitter consists of a piezoelectric plate subdivided into annular rad
4515016 Elastic surface wave accelerometers May 7, 1985
An elastic surface wave accelerometer having a deformable structure, fixed at one end and providing at its free end a seismic mass. The deformable structure may be an open frame with a single post or a closed frame with two posts. The accelerometer can measure movement of a missile or th
4472692 Tunable selective device using magnetostatic bulk waves September 18, 1984
Tunable selective devices utilizing forward magnetostatic bulk waves. A filter is able to act as an oscillator loop or as a passive transmission system in which two resonant cavities including gratings are so arranged that via a selective reflector grating they may exchange magnetostatic
4457464 Method of fixing a ferrite to a metal piece July 3, 1984
In a method for fixing a ferrite to a metal piece such as a pole-piece of a magnetic polarizing circuit of a microwave device, a first step consists in depositing a nonresistive metal on the ferrite face to be fixed. A second step consists in applying a very thin layer of heat-conducting
4419637 Magnetostatic wave dioptric device December 6, 1983
A magnetostatic wave device in which waves propagate in a layer of magnetic material grown on a non-magnetic crystalline substrate with a grating arranged in the wave path for modifying propagation velocity. The grating is formed by ion implantation without removal of magnetic material s
4392115 Volume magnetostatic wave device July 5, 1983
The volume magnetostatic wave device comprises a unidirectional-radiation transducer composed of equidistant microstrips connected to a polyphase transformer and coupled to a ferrimagnetic wafer which is subjected to a polarizing magnetic field.
4361050 Device for measuring the flow rate of a fluid and air flow sensor system in an internal combusti November 30, 1982
A flowmeter incorporating a pressure differential member creating a differential pressure between an upstream flow path and a downstream flow path of a pipe. The flowmeter has pressure connecting lines located on either side of the pressure differential member and constituted by cond
4341998 Magnetostatic wave magnetometer July 27, 1982
A unidirectional magnetometer comprising at least two magnetostatic wave oscillators with resonators or delay lines, made in two portions in a magnetic material layer respectively subject to the field to be measured and to given magnetic fields of the same direction, but of opposite sens
4338575 Process for compensating temperature variations in surface wave devices and pressure transducer July 6, 1982
An arrangement for temperature compensating transducers including two elastic surface wave oscillators whose frequencies are mixed to produce an output frequency that is a function of a parameter to be measured such as force, pressure or acceleration. A delay element such as a transmissi
4331022 Sensor using two tunable oscillators connected to a frequency mixer comprising a device for cali May 25, 1982
A sensor of the type comprising two delay lines forming part of two oscillators whose output signals are mixed and in particular a surface acoustic wave sensor comprising a wafer made from a piezoelectric material comprising a calibrating device for calibrating the output frequency c
4326423 Pressure transducer with elastic surface waves and ignition system for internal combustion engin April 27, 1982
The invention relates to elastic surface wave pressure transducers. The invention has for its object a pressure transducer in which the plate is fixed by its periphery to a support having a central cavity in which a separating wall, forming an intermediate support, defines two chambers
4317372 Surface acoustic wave pressure gauge March 2, 1982
The present invention relates to a pressure gauge of the type comprising a piezoelectric substrate one face of which is polished and carried two delay lines using interdigital combs forming part of two oscillators whose output signals are mixed. The gauge comprises a two-part case co
4314214 Magnetostatic-wave device comprising a conducting strip exchange structure February 2, 1982
The invention relates to a magnetostatic-wave device whose ferrimagnetic layer supports an exchange structure formed by an array of conducting strips having their ends connected by conducting bridges. The invention applies particularly to the construction of magnetostatic-wave devices
4301683 Elastic surface wave accelerometer November 24, 1981
The invention relates to an accelerometer comprising at least one elastic plate propagating elastic surface waves, to which a normal force is applied resulting from the action of the acceleration which is to be measured on a solid or liquid body of predetermined mass. The measurement
4212206 Ultrasonic system for the visual display of a thin section of a body July 15, 1980
The invention relates to ultrasonic systems for the visual display of a thin section of a body. The subject of the invention is a system wherein the multi-element scanning probe which picks up or transmits the ultrasonic energy cooperates with an array of elastic-surface-wave transdu
4199990 Elastic surface wave accelerometer April 29, 1980
The invention relates to accelerometers comprising a vibrating elastic body associated with an electrical oscillator for maintaining its oscillations and a frequency measuring device for measuring its frequency. More particularly, the invention relates to an accelerometer in which the
4193473 Refractive stigmatic system for elastic surface waves March 18, 1980
The present invention relates to refractive stigmatic systems designed to deflect or focus elastic surface waves which can propagate at the surface of a substrate. The object of the invention is a lens or prism comprising an array of elementary refractive zones formed by deposition or io
4129837 Elastic surface wave oscillator December 12, 1978
The invention relates to elastic surface wave oscillators using a feedback loop formed by a filter consisting of two interdigitated comb transducers. More particularly, the invention relates to a stable oscillator having a low harmonic content wherein the electrical oscillation energy is
4110653 Method of modifying the temperature drift of the propagation time of surface elastic waves and a August 29, 1978
The present invention relates to the modification of the temperature-induced drift in propagation time of surface elastic waves. The invention proposes to achieve this modification by selecting a suitable crystal cut of the crystalline substrate, and carrying out a localized ion bomb
4034288 System for measuring the frequency of an electrical signal July 5, 1977
The present invention relates to system for measuring the frequency of an electrical signal. The device in accordance with the invention comprises, deposited upon a piezo-electric substrate a transducer array in the form of interdigital comb structures whose teeth are in the form of a ci
4023120 Surface wave programmable oscillator May 10, 1977
The present invention relates to surface elastic wave programmable oscillators. The oscillator in accordance with the invention comprises an amplifier and a feedback loop comprising a selective surface wave transmission system which offers N possibilities of energy exchange between a
4013983 Surface wave electro-mechanical device March 22, 1977
The invention relates to elastic surface wave resonators and filters. The device in accordance with the invention is based mainly on the selective reflection of the elastic surface waves. It comprises a crystalline substrate in the upper face of which at least one grating of reflective
3987367 Surface wave discriminator system October 19, 1976
The invention relates to surface wave discriminator systems comprising a substrate on the surface of which are arranged two electromechanical filters each incorporating two delay lines of dissimilar delay length. The amplitudes of the alternating voltages transmitted by said filters obey
3963997 Device for the directive transmission of elastic surface waves and process for making the same June 15, 1976
The invention relates to the directive transmission of elastic surface waves. The object of the invention is a device comprising a crystalline substrate on whose surface elastic surfaces waves can be propagated. The value of surface-wave phase velocity can be changed by local modificatio

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