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Harada; Yasoo
Hirakata, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5932889 Semiconductor device with floating quantum box August 3, 1999
An undoped Al.sub.0.22 Ga.sub.0.78 As spacer layer having a large forbidden bandgap and an N-Al.sub.0.22 Ga.sub.0.78 As electron-supplying layer having a large forbidden bandgap are formed in order on an undoped GaAs buffer layer having a small forbidden bandgap, and InAs quantum boxes a
5751029 Field-effect semiconductor device having heterojunction May 12, 1998
An undoped Al.sub.0.22 Ga.sub.0.78 As layer, an undoped In.sub.0.2 Ga.sub.0.8 As electron-drifting layer, and an undoped GaAs electron-supplying layer are formed in order on a GaAs substrate. An impurity-doped layer .delta.-doped with Si donor is formed in the GaAs electron-supplying
5751027 Field effect semiconductor device with a low-noise drift layer and a high-power drift layer May 12, 1998
A field effect semiconductor device includes an undoped In.sub.0.2 Ga.sub.0.8 As first low-noise drift layer, an undoped In.sub.x Ga.sub.1-x As (x=0.2-0) second low-noise drift layer and an n-type GaAs high-power drift layer in this order. The high-power drift layer includes a first
5724459 Optical modulation device and fiber optic communication system March 3, 1998
A optical divider equally divides a optical carrier into first and second optical carriers. A divider divides an RF sub-carrier signal into first and second RF sub-carrier signals whose phases are inverted from each other. An electro-optic modulator modulates the
5650642 Field effect semiconductor device July 22, 1997
A field effect semiconductor device comprises a first channel layer composed of an undoped semiconductor in which electrons mainly drift in low-noise operation and a second channel layer composed of a semiconductor of one conductivity type in which electrons mainly drift in high-power
5614814 Negative voltage genarating circuit March 25, 1997
A negative voltage generating circuit includes an oscillating unit constructed of a ring oscillator for outputting a pulse signal with a high frequency and a polarity inverting unit in which the pulse signal is inputted to charge negative voltage. This negative voltage generating cir
5590412 Communication apparatus using common amplifier for transmission and reception December 31, 1996
A communication apparatus for use in a portable telephone is disclosed which has a transmit-receive common amplifier for amplifying a transmitted signal or received signal, and a mixer for frequency-mixing the transmitted signal or the received signal with a local oscillator output,
5477184 Fet switching circuit for switching between a high power transmitting signal and a lower power r December 19, 1995
An FET switch used for switching between a first transmission path includes a plurality of FETs for the transmission of a low power signal received at an antenna and a second transmission path including a plurality of FETs for the transmission of a higher power signal to the antenna, whe

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