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Hanyu; Susumu
Hachioji, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D291088 Sewing machine July 28, 1987
D274435 Sewing machine June 26, 1984
D271106 Sewing machine controller October 25, 1983
D270159 Carrying handle for sewing machine August 16, 1983
D264973 Sewing machine controller June 15, 1982
D264848 Sewing machine foot pedal June 8, 1982
D250194 Sewing machine needle November 7, 1978
4781133 Automatic buttonhole stitching method of sewing machine November 1, 1988
A method for automatically stitching by a zigzag sewing machine a button hole, which includes two line-tack stitching parts stitched sequentially, comprises applying a predetermined amount of fabric feeding to a first group of alternate stitches in both line-tack stitching parts, and the
4664545 Paper feeding mechanism of printing machine May 12, 1987
A printer of a wire-dot impact type is provided forwardly of the housing an inlet opening for introducing a printing paper to the inside and has an outlet opening provided at a rear side of the housing for discharging the printing paper to the outside. The printing paper is transported b
4660488 Computer sewing machine April 28, 1987
An electronic pattern stitch sewing machine is disclosed in which stitch control letter pattern data is stored to produce letters in a laterally or vertically readable first orientation and in which stitch coordinate mode changing data is stored to modify the letter pattern data to chang
4602583 Pattern selection device of electronic sewing machine July 29, 1986
An electronic sewing machine is operated to produce a stitch pattern or a sequence of plural stitch patterns, in response to corresponding stitch control data, which are stored in an electronic memory element of the sewing machine and read out in response to desired manual operation of a
4583475 Presser foot for zigzag sewing machines April 22, 1986
A presser foot used in combination with a zigzag sewing machine, which is especially adapted to produce a combination stitch comprising a first half series of stitches and a second half series of stitches formed in the normal feeding direction. The presser foot is provided on the bottom
4538535 Sewing machine with upper thread dyeing mechanism September 3, 1985
A sewing machine is provided with an upper thread dyeing mechanism for dyeing an upper thread a given color while driving the sewing machine. An upper thread feeding mechanism is also provided for the sewing machine and operative in combination with the dyeing mechanism when a stitching
4473019 Hem stitch presser foot September 25, 1984
For a hem stitching operation with a sewing machine having a needle vertically reciprocating and also laterally swingable, a hem stitching presser foot is detachably mounted to a lower end of a presser bar of the sewing machine. The presser foot includes a brush like element which co
4438718 Phase indication device of sewing machine March 27, 1984
A phase indication device of the invention is provided for a sewing machine for electrically indicating a predetermined angular position of a main drive shaft and showing that the sewing machine is ready for starting a stitching operation. The phase indication device comprises first and
4423693 Feed dog structure of sewing machines January 3, 1984
A sewing machine with a vertically reciprocable and laterally swingable needle for sewing provided with an upper thread includes a rotatable loop taker for catching a thread loop during synchronous rotation thereof with the needle, and is rotatable in a horizontal plane with respect to t
4414908 Suturing machine for medical treatment November 15, 1983
A suturing machine for suturing incised parts of a patient by producing continuous stitches by means of a curved needle and a shuttle includes a pair of grips terminated with jaws adapted to hold the curved needle which forms a thread loop on the parts to be sutured. A shuttle holder is
4409915 Switch control method of an electronic sewing machine October 18, 1983
A method is disclosed for modifying a specific stitch or stitches of a given stitch pattern while the other parts of the pattern remain subject to the standard setting specific to the pattern.
4401042 Electronic control sewing machine August 30, 1983
In a sewing machine having a machine controller for controlling the rotational speed of the machine and a needle amplitude, adjusting device, a machine control power source switch is provided which is manipulated to produce a switch-over signal, which is identified in a predetermined lap
4399762 Sewing machine housing structure August 23, 1983
The machine housing of a sewing machine is divided into a bed part provided with a hollow standard and an arm part which overhangs the flat horizontal face of the machine bed part. The machine arm part is connected to the upper end of the standard by a number of fastening bolts. A reamer
4380204 Needle and feed cam arrangement for a zig zag sewing machine April 19, 1983
A sewing machine includes a main drive shaft rotatably mounted in said housing for vertically reciprocating a needle penetrating a fabric to produce stitches therein, a shaft extending transverse to the main drive shaft and rotatably mounted in the machine housing, a worm and a worm gear
4377980 Automatic thread tensioning device for sewing machines March 29, 1983
An automatic thread setting device for electronically controlled material and needle position type sewing machines. The device has pattern selecting means, cloth thickness designating means, upper and lower thread tension adjusting means, and electronic memory means. Selection of a patte
4375198 Hemstitching method of sewing machine March 1, 1983
A method of producing hemstitches by means of a zigzag stitching presser foot comprises the steps of forming two fixing stitches at one point adjacent an edge of the fabric with feeding of the fabric in one direction while reciprocating the needle a small distance laterally, two stitches
4368681 Pattern selecting mechanism of a sewing machine January 18, 1983
A sewing machine produces patterns of stitches including straight stitches, in which a single operating dial is manually operated to select one of the patterns with a proper feeding amount in one rotation range thereof, and to vary feeding movement with a specific cycle in relation to th
4345196 Speed control device for sewing machines August 17, 1982
An electric sewing machine has an A.C. driving motor controlled by a triac; a controlling circuit for the triac includes a thyristor powered by a lower-voltage battery via an adjustable RC-circuit; the controlling circuit is electrically insulated from the A.C. power-supply circuit by an
4343252 Free arm sewing machine August 10, 1982
A free arm sewing machine is provided with a manually operated arrangement for positioning and holding the sewing machine body relative to its base. This arrangement comprises a transverse shaft turnable in the base of the sewing machine, an operating dial secured to the shaft and a disc
4343250 Lock stitching and over-lock stitching sewing machine August 10, 1982
A lock stitching and overlock stitching machine has a primary driving means, a lock stitching device including a drive shaft, an overlock stitching device including a separate drive shaft and being spaced apart from the lock stitching device, the drive shafts of respective stitching
4343248 Pattern selecting system of an electronic sewing machine August 10, 1982
A pattern selecting system is disclosed in which a single set of push buttons is utilized to select a first group of patterns each of which corresponds to a particular push button and a second group of patterns indicated by a series of two figure numbers.
4340003 Lock stitching sewing machine with a thread tightening device July 20, 1982
A thread tightening device for a sewing machine of the type having a main shaft, a vertically reciprocable needle bar with a needle carrying an upper thread, a loop taker and a drive shaft for driving the loop taker and a feed dog, the thread tightening device includes a group of pattern
4340002 Upper shaft phase detecting system for sewing machines July 20, 1982
An upper shaft phase detecting system in which the rotation speed of the upper shaft is sensed and utilized to vary the time at which data starts to be released from an electronic memory of a sewing machine.
4331090 Bobbin thread tensioning device for a sewing machine May 25, 1982
A device for automatically adjusting the tension of a lower thread, which comprises a lower thread bobbin arranged on a bottom plate of a bobbin carrier turnably carrying the bobbin, a loop taker mounted on a magnetic shaft, and an energizing coil arranged around the magnetic shaft and
4329934 Needle holding device for sewing machines May 18, 1982
A needle holding device for a sewing machine having a needle with a cylindrical shank having a flat edge surface extending along the shank includes a needle bar for supporting the needle, a needle holder mounted to the needle bar and a holding screw to fasten the needle to the needle
4323022 Pattern selecting system for electronic sewing machine April 6, 1982
Patterns stored in the memory of an electronic sewing machine are divided into a group of patterns which is more frequently used and a group of patterns which is less frequently used. Patterns which are more frequently used can be selected by individual pushbuttons, and corresponding pan
4313389 Sewing machine with a pattern selecting device February 2, 1982
A sewing machine comprises a housing, a needle bar adapted for reciprocating movement by a main shaft rotatably mounted in the housing and a fabric feeding device. A pattern control device is provided in the sewing machine which includes a number of needle bar control cams and fabric
4310788 Speed control device of sewing machines January 12, 1982
A speed control device for a sewing machine which is adapted to control a speed of the machine motor. The device includes a plurality of photo-conductive fibers arranged in two sets, one set being optically positioned opposite to another. The device also includes a light source which
4290377 Sewing machine September 22, 1981
A sewing machine having a rotary shaft, a needle bar, a fabric feeding device and an electronic control device for controlling the needle position is provided with a manually operated arrangement to selectively render the electronic control device operative or inoperative when desired
4278039 Detachable presser foot July 14, 1981
The presser foot for a sewing machine is provided with a pair of aligned rollers arranged near the needle dropping hole. The lower end portion of the presser foot holder is connected to the presser foot between the pair of aligned rollers, so that a sufficient downwardly pressing force m
4267786 Lock stitching and overlock stitching sewing machine May 19, 1981
A sewing machine having lock stitching device incorporated in a frame and driven by a primary driving member comprising a detachable overlock stitching device having its own needle bar driving mechanism spaced apart from the stitch forming part of the lock stitching device and driven by
4266493 Electronic pattern stitching sewing machine May 12, 1981
An electronic pattern stitching sewing machine has an arrangement for producing signals directing it to stitch a selectable number of patterns in series. These signals are then used to identify the last needle position coordinate of a preceding stitched pattern of the series and the
4196682 Feed adjusting device for sewing machines April 8, 1980
A sewing machine provided with a set of pattern generating cams is also provided with a user-operated multi-setting pattern selector dial. When the selector dial is turned to a particular setting, to thereby cause the pattern generating cams to generate the corresponding pattern, a first

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