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Hancock; Frederick Ernest
Cleveland, GB
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7262299 Catalysts August 28, 2007
A process for performing a catalytic Diels-Alder reaction by reacting a diene with a dienophile in the presence of a heterogeneous catalyst comprising a zeolitic material exchanged or impregnated with ions of a Lewis acidic metal is described. The catalyst, for example, copper-exchan
7074960 Catalysts July 11, 2006
A zeolite-immobilized Lewis acid e.g. copper catalyst for performing carbonyl-ene and iminoene reactions is described. The catalyst can readily be separated from the reaction mixture and re-used in further reactions with minimal reduction in activity.
6409981 Process for removing chlorine from gas stream June 25, 2002
A process for the scrubbing of chlorine is scrubbed from a chlorine-containing gas using an aqueous feed liquor containing an excess of alkali to give an effluent liquor containing chloride and hypochlorite ions is disclosed. The effluent liquor is recycled as part or all of the aque
6020285 Calcium aluminate cement based catalyst February 1, 2000
Shaped particles suitable for use as a catalyst, or precursor thereto, particularly for the decomposition of hypohalite ions in aqueous solution, comprising a high alumina cement having an aluminium to calcium atomic ratio above 2.5 and at least one oxide of a Group VIII metal M selected
5859070 Catalytic process January 12, 1999
Synthesis of small quantities of compounds such as methanol from reagents, especially radio-labelled reagents such as .sup.11 C oxides, in a carrier gas by a catalytic reaction using a catalyst that has been pre-conditioned for the reaction by previous use for the desired reaction and ha

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