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Hagenmaier; Hanspaul
Tubingen, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5512259 Process for reducing emissions of organic halogen compounds from incineration systems April 30, 1996
The invention relates to a method for reducing the emission of organic products of incomplete combustion in the off-gases of incineration systems, wherein the off-gas containing the organic products is treated at a temperature from C. to C., under oxidative co
4911900 Method of removing nitrogen oxides from a flue gas stream March 27, 1990
In the selective reduction of nitrogen oxides of flue gases with ammonia, the ammonia is added as ammonia water upstream of the reduction zone. Residual gas phase ammonia and ammonia compounds collected with the flyash serve as recycled ammonia sources and ammonia is formed from them and
4315922 Nikkomicins, a process for their preparation and their use as agents for combating pests February 16, 1982
Pesticidally active substantially pure nikkomicin fractions obtained from Streptomyces tendae Ettlinger et al Tu 901, the fractions being selected from the group consisting of ##STR1## a mixture of nikkomicin I and J, and a mixture of nikkomicin M and N.

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