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Guo; Wen Li
Wen Gin Tsuen, Fang Yuan Hsiang, Chang Hua Hsien, TW
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D463527 Sprayer gun September 24, 2002
D462741 Sprayer gun September 10, 2002
D461227 Sprayer gun August 6, 2002
D441424 Sprayer gun device May 1, 2001
D425603 Sprayer gun May 23, 2000
D424165 Sprayer nozzle May 2, 2000
D409720 Spray gun May 11, 1999
D394491 Spray gun May 19, 1998
D392719 Spray gun March 24, 1998
D390635 Spray gun February 10, 1998
D390633 Spray gun February 10, 1998
D387127 Sprinkler December 2, 1997
6427931 Sprayer gun having hand grip positioning device August 6, 2002
A sprayer gun includes a handle and a valve stem slidably received in the rear portion. A stop is secured to the valve stem and engaged with the handle, and has one or more ratchet teeth. A spring lever has one end secured to the handle and has a number of ratchet teeth for engaging with
5875970 Sprinkler having varying water outlet March 2, 1999
A sprinkler includes a housing having a water inlet and a water outlet. A plug is slidably secured in the housing and may be moved toward and away from the water outlet for adjusting outlet water quantity. A block is rotatably supported in the housing and has a helical groove for engagin
5823442 Spray nozzle October 20, 1998
A spray nozzle includes a rod extended from a casing which has two inlets. A follower is rotatably engaging with the rod and has a barrel aligned with one inlet and has one or more cylindrical members aligned with the other inlet. A board and a cap are secured to the rod. A control ferru
5752630 Spray gun and hanger combination May 19, 1998
A spray gun includes a panel secured on top by one or more connecting members. The panel includes an opening for hanging to a protruding nail and includes a displaying area for displaying information. The panel includes a link and includes a sleeve secured to the free end portion of
5722597 Spray nozzle March 3, 1998
A spray nozzle includes a casing having a chamber for receiving water and having a side passage and a middle passage formed in an extension. A valve is rotatably supported in the casing and has an upper notch for aligning with the side passage and has a lower notch for aligning with the
5711421 Spray gun assembly January 27, 1998
A spray gun includes a panel having a number of openings for engaging with a number of elements which are coupled to the panel by a number of studs. The elements may be disengaged from the panel by braking the studs for allowing the elements to be assembled into the spray gun. The elemen
5690282 Spray nozzle device November 25, 1997
A spray nozzle includes a casing having a middle and a side passages formed in the curved front. A valve is rotatably supported in the casing and has an upper and a lower notches for aligning with the passages. A housing is rotatably secured to the casing and has two or more channels for

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