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Gruosi; Fawaz
Prangins, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D627673 Watch dial November 23, 2010
D618129 Necklace June 22, 2010
D618126 Watch dial June 22, 2010
D605532 Watch case December 8, 2009
D596052 Watch July 14, 2009
D595176 Ring June 30, 2009
D595175 Ring June 30, 2009
D576892 Watch case September 16, 2008
D571248 Watch dial June 17, 2008
D559707 Watch case January 15, 2008
D554541 Watch case November 6, 2007
D549599 Watch case August 28, 2007
D544806 Watch face June 19, 2007
D525148 Watch case July 18, 2006
D513195 Watch case December 27, 2005
D511310 Earring November 8, 2005
D498695 Ring design November 23, 2004
D465172 Bracelet November 5, 2002
D443845 Ring "three hearts" June 19, 2001
D440514 Watch dial April 17, 2001
D414131 Ladybird ring September 21, 1999
D404330 Bracelet with 7 ladybirds January 19, 1999
D401884 Earring December 1, 1998
D397945 Watch case September 8, 1998
7742363 Mechanical digital display June 22, 2010
Mechanical digital display including at least one digit consisting of at least seven segments (1) for the display of alphanumeric characters. Each segment (1) is a body in the form of a bar (1) which can pivot about its longitudinal shaft (3), the said bars (1) having at least two areas
7551522 Watch module comprising a rotary dial capable of being fitted to a watch movement June 23, 2009
A watch module comprising a rotary dial (1) possessing an opening (2) for displaying a complication or an image. This rotary dial (1) is mounted rotatably on a base dial (3) via an annular low-friction member (4). This rotary dial (1) can be pivoted through a certain angle by the action
7420885 Timepiece provided with open dial plate September 2, 2008
A watch with a clockwork comprising a ringer whose actuation is controlled from outside the watch by means of a control unit, a dial plate comprising an opening, a shutter (10) movable between a first position covering the opening and a second position leaving the opening free. The c

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