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Grover; Wayne D.
Edmonton, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7719962 Design of a meta-mesh of chain sub-networks May 18, 2010
A method to increase the capacity efficiency of span-restorable mesh networking on sparse facility graphs. The new approach views the network as a "meta-mesh of chain sub-networks". This makes the prospect of WDM mesh networking more economically viable than with previous mesh-based
7260059 Evolution of a telecommunications network from ring to mesh structure August 21, 2007
Ongoing growth in transport demand is served while deferring or eliminating expenditure for additional capacity by reclaiming the protection capacity and inefficiently used working capacity in existing multi-ring network. Reclamation is through re-design of the routing and restoratio
7075892 Topological design of survivable mesh-based transport networks July 11, 2006
A method of designing a telecommunications network, the method comprising the steps of A) for all working demand flows required to be routed in the telecommunications network, finding an initial topology of spans between nodes in the telecommunications network that is sufficient for rout
6914880 Protection of routers in a telecommunications network July 5, 2005
A method of configuring a node in an IP network by creating a set of router table entries which form a set of virtually preconfigured cyclical routes, or p-cycles, within the IP network. This set of p-cycles is virtual in the sense that the only resources which they normally consume are
6856592 Method of providing restoration routes in a mesh network February 15, 2005
A method of providing restoration routes for protecting traffic in a mesh network is described. The method comprises the steps of generating a set of eligible restoration routes for each span in the network, establishing a bi-criteria objective function in terms of route length and capac
6819662 Method for protecting a telecommunications network November 16, 2004
A method of connecting a telecommunications network, in which the network is formed of plural nodes connected by plural spans. Each node has a nodal switching device for making connections between adjacent spans meeting at the node. Method steps A-F are followed. A) Select a set of candi
6744769 Path provisioning on ring-based networks June 1, 2004
A mechanism for path provisioning between an origin node (O) and a destination node (D) over BLSR networks. All ring pairs including O and D are examined and a communications path is calculated for each valid ring sequence. The calculated path is compared with the current best path until
6654379 Integrated ring-mesh network November 25, 2003
Whether in a SONET or a dense-WDM (DWDM) transport environment, we can expect to see a continuance of the two main survivable architectures: ring and mesh. The differing advantages of these technologies has allowed both of them to find applications, although they are usually deployed and
6421349 Distributed preconfiguration of spare capacity in closed paths for network restoration July 16, 2002
A Method for restoring traffic in a network. The network includes plural distinct nodes interconnected by plural distinct spans, each span having working links and spare links. Each node has a digital cross-connect switch for making and breaking connections between adjacent spans forming
6404734 Scalable network restoration device June 11, 2002
Tis invention provides a `capacity slice` nodal switching device (in the ADM-like sense) that is designed for deployment under the p-cycle concept. The device's key architectural properties are access, east and west interfaces, with one spare and working port, on each of these interface
6377543 Path restoration of networks April 23, 2002
A distributed method for creating telecommunications paths in a network, particularly after a span failure. The network includes plural distinct nodes interconnected by plural distinct spans, each span having working links and spare links. Each node has a digital cross-connect switch for
5850505 Method for preconfiguring a network to withstand anticipated failures December 15, 1998
A method for restoring traffic in a network. The network includes plural distinct nodes interconnected by plural distinct spans, each span having working links and spare links. Each node has a digital cross-connect switch for making and breaking connections between adjacent spans forming
5848139 Telecommunication traffic pricing control system December 8, 1998
Delay-tolerant calls access slack capacity in a telecommunications network under variable pricing controlled by the network so as to permit the network to pick up or stimulate background traffic loads as and when desired to gain revenue from background idle capacity.
5361277 Method and apparatus for clock distribution and for distributed clock synchronization November 1, 1994
A method and apparatus of phase synchronizing a plurality of spatially distributed application modules having synchronizing clocks requiring synchronization, each application module being connected, at a predetermined site nearest the module, to an outgoing path and, at a correspondi
5023869 Method and apparatus for maximizing the transmission capacity of a multi-channel bidirectional c June 11, 1991
A method for determining the highest, common bi-directional transmission rate between two stations of an ISDN communications link includes the steps of a) selecting a candidate transmission rate from a range of candidate transmission rates, b) transmitting a test signal at the candid
4967411 Method and apparatus for frame-bit modulation and demodulation of DS3 signal October 30, 1990
A method of modulating a DS3 signal for addition thereto of an auxiliary, transparent signalling channel, the DS3 signal having framing bits which provide a predetermined pattern for which frame-finding circuits hunt to demultiplex the payload of the DS3 signal. The method comprises cycl
4956835 Method and apparatus for self-restoring and self-provisioning communication networks September 11, 1990
A method and apparatus of restoring communications between a pair of nodes in a network having an arbitrary number of nodes and an arbitrary number of spans interconnecting the nodes, each span having working circuits between nodes designated for transmitting actual communications traffi
4926446 Method and apparatus for precision time distribution in telecommunication networks May 15, 1990
A series of nodes in a telecommunications network are connected by a bi-directional transmission path. An outgoing signal passes each of the intermediate nodes in the path and sets a counter timing at each intermediate node. The outgoing signal then returns from the loop node with ti
4837780 Transmit line buildout circuits June 6, 1989
A characteristic of a signal received via a receive line is monitored and used for automatic control of a line buildout circuit in a transmit signal path. The characteristic is conveniently an amplitude level, or differential amplitude levels for different signal bandwidths, of the r
4811340 Synchronization of asynchronous data signals March 7, 1989
In a synchronous network, asynchronous data signals are synchronized using positive/negative stuffing under the control of stuff request signals which are produced in dependence upon the phase difference between the asynchronous and synchronized data signals as compared to respective
4755993 Transmission system using forward error correction July 5, 1988
In a high-speed fiber-optic transmission system, data streams are synchronized using fixed stuffing before being multiplexed for transmission. The fixed stuffing information is replaced with forward error correction (FEC) information, whereby FEC is effected without any increase in t

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