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Grieshaber; Hermann
Stuttgart, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4791904 Method for assuring emergency driving functions for a vehicle having a diesel engine December 20, 1988
The invention is directed to a method for assuring emergency driving functions with a diesel engine when the fuel temperature sensor fails, the diesel engine having a charging-air blower and a charging-air temperature sensor. The method includes performing a fuel temperature dependent
4624230 Method and apparatus for determining the full-load limit of an internal combustion engine November 25, 1986
The invention is directed to a method for determining the full-load limit of an internal combustion engine wherein a limit surface of a predeterminative full-load characteristic field is shifted to thereby compensate for the manufacturing tolerances occurring in the production of the
4565170 Control device for shutting off an internal combustion engine January 21, 1986
A control device for Diesel engines with which a rapid shutoff of the latter is possible by emptying the suction chamber of the injection pump by aspiration. The control device includes a control valve, which in the operating position (I) opens up the feed line of the feed pump toward th
4559914 Control device for inactivating an internal combustion engine December 24, 1985
A control device for protecting an internal combustion engine in the case of malfunction of its fuel regulating system is disclosed. The control device includes means which in response to the occurrence of the first braking mode of operation of the engine after start activates a suction
4549511 Fuel injection system for direct fuel injection in internal combustion engines October 29, 1985
A fuel injection system is proposed, having a valve each for the pre-injection quantity and for the main injection quantity, each of the valves having plural injection ports. The injection ports for the pre-injection quantity are smaller than those for the main injection quantity. Fu
4170975 Fuel metering valve assembly for internal combustion engines October 16, 1979
A fuel metering valve assembly includes an air flow metering member which actuates the movable part of a fuel metering valve. Depending on the displacement of this movable part, two cooperating openings, a control slot and a shaped control orifice, together define the effective flow
4161935 Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine July 24, 1979
A continuous fuel injection system for metering out fuel to the induction tube of an internal combustion engine. An air flow metering assembly in the induction tube includes a baffle plate which is set with its plane perpendicular to the air flow vector and is mounted on a shaft which
4131099 Idling and warm-up fuel control device December 26, 1978
An improved throttle valve for use in the suction tube of a mixture compressing, externally ignited internal combustion engine in which the transversely extending shaft of the throttle valve is provided with an elongated aperture, the opening of which is arbitrarily variable by means

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