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Grady; John K.
Harvard, MA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8286617 Dual coil ignition October 16, 2012
Applicant has disclosed an improved dual cycle ignition system for automobiles. In the preferred embodiment, the improved ignition system comprises at least two secondary ignition coils wired in a high voltage "OR" configuration using a single high voltage circuit through a distribut
7553080 Grounded rotating anode x-ray tube housing June 30, 2009
An improved rotating anode x-ray tube housing is disclosed. In the preferred embodiment: a single cable, insulated with Ethylene-Propylene Rubber ("EPR"), has an extended Federal Standard terminal or plug mounted within an extended Federal Standard receptacle, attached to an anode end
7300205 Angio capable portable x-ray fluoroscopy unit with sliding C-arm and variable pivot November 27, 2007
An "Angio Capable Portable X-Ray Fluoroscopy Unit with Sliding C-Arm and Variable Pivot Point" is disclosed. It is a new Portable C-Arm x-ray system for fluoroscopy (e.g., angio fluoroscopy) that permits head-to-foot, or cranio-caudal, angulation without appreciable degradation or ro
6979779 Square electrical outlet box with exterior clamp shelves for holding electrical cables December 27, 2005
A rapid mounting, "square" electrical outlet or junction box (4" square, 411/16" square, 2-gang, etc.) includes a back plate and four upstanding sidewalls attached to the back plate and defining a front opening. One or more of the sidewalls has a number of conduit knockouts, as well as a
6131690 Motorized support for imaging means October 17, 2000
A mobile motorized base, cart, or carriage apparatus for moving medical imaging equipment about a portion of a body of a patient. The apparatus includes a lower chassis and an upper chassis. The upper chassis can be moved in a selective and controlled manner between a retracted and e
4896344 X-ray video system January 23, 1990
In an X-ray system in which a source directs X-radiation through a subject to a receptor which produces a secondary planar light image, the light image is projected on the planar input face of a light intensifier after passing through the scanning aperture of a moving mask substantially
4823371 X-ray tube system April 18, 1989
An x-ray tube contains a plurality of filaments each with an associated focus cup control to allow it to change rapidly between discrete emission intensities. The cathode structure of the x-ray tube is constructed so that each filament is located in a separate focus cup structure. Howeve
4807269 Apparatus for powering x-ray tubes February 21, 1989
A high voltage power supply for an x-ray tube operating from a single phase alternating current source and including a phase shifter and/or solid state switch for providing first and second phase signals. Each of these signals or one of them are half-wave rectified. An output combining
4744017 High tension power supply with means for preventing transformer saturation May 10, 1988
A high tension power supply for use in an x-ray tube drive circuit which uses a step-up transformer to raise an input line signal to the desired voltage level. A partially open bridge or other suitable means permits only half cycles, for example positive half cycles, of the transformer
4549209 X-Ray image converter system October 22, 1985
An X-ray system includes an X-ray receptor producing on its area a light image with a finite range of intensities. Two or more video tubes scan the same area of the image to generate corresponding electrical output signals, each tube having a bias electrode controlled by a variable v
4541108 X-Ray apparatus with tilting table September 10, 1985
X-ray apparatus has a rotor on a standard, the rotor including two rings, one fixed on the rotor and the other rotating on an axis normal to the rotor axis. Posts on the rotating ring parallel to its axis carry an X-ray tube and an X-ray receptor on a radiation axis intersecting the ring
4426725 Biplanar variable angle X-ray examining apparatus January 17, 1984
X-ray apparatus is shown in which there are two radiological sets, each set including an X-ray tube and radiation receptor (e.g., film holder or image intensifier) and means supporting them on a common radiation axis. The two radiation axes of the respective radiological sets intersect a
4399551 X-Ray tube having rotatable transversely oscillatory anode August 16, 1983
An X-ray tube including a chamber enclosing an anode disc rotatable about an axis, and movable transversely with respect to that axis, the tube also enclosing an electron beam source for projecting electrons along a beam directed towards a planar surface of the anode disc. The beam sourc

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