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Goras; Anders
.ANG.m.ang.l, SE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6526954 System, sensor combination and method for regulating, detecting as well as deciding current fuel March 4, 2003
A system for regulating the fuel-air mixture in a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine. The system utilizes binary sensors to detect relative deviations from stoichiometric combustion, including individual combustion events, and allows for regulation to achieve optimal and similar
6123057 Arrangement and process for communication between an ignition module and control unit in a combu September 26, 2000
An arrangement and a process for communication between an ignition module (ICM) mounted on an engine and a control unit (ECM). The ignition module includes detection circuits and signal processing stages in order to determine at least one combustion related parameter from detected io
5907243 Measuring circuit for sensing ionisation within a cylinder of a combustion engine May 25, 1999
A measuring circuit for sensing ionization within a combustion chamber of an engine is arranged in the grounded end of the secondary winding (5) of an ignition coil (2), and includes a voltage source for measurements having a substantially constant potential. The voltage source for m

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