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Goldstein; Leon
Chaville, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6894833 Semiconductor optical amplifier May 17, 2005
The invention relates to a semiconductor optical amplifier including a buried guide active structure (12), characterized in that the guide active structure (12) is subjected to an external stress to render the gain of said amplifier insensitive to the polarization of the light to be
6777768 Semiconductor optical component and a method of fabricating it August 17, 2004
A semiconductor optical component is disclosed which includes a semiconductor material confinement layer containing acceptor dopants such that the doping is p-type doping. The confinement layer is deposited on another semiconductor layer and defines a plane parallel to the other semi
6751015 Semiconductor optical amplifier June 15, 2004
The invention concerns a semiconductor optical amplifier including at least two amplifier sections (30, 40) respectively favoring a higher gain of the TE mode and the TM mode of polarization of the light to be amplified, said sections each having an active guide structure (12) of the sam
6310719 Semi conductor optical amplifier October 30, 2001
The invention relates to a semi-conductor optical amplifier insensitive to the polarization of light. The active layer (20) of this amplifier is made up of an alternating series of solid sub-layers alternately under tensile stress (21) and compressive stress (22) and having the same forb
6046065 Process for fabricating a semiconductor opto-electronic component and component and matrix of co April 4, 2000
An epitaxial deposition process is used to deposit materials that can be crystallized lattice matched to gallium arsenide onto an indium phosphide crystalline wafer. A material of this kind forms a metamorphic layer. Metamorphic layers of this kind constitute two semiconductor Bragg mirr
6040246 Method of manufacturing an integrated optical component comprising a thick waveguide coupled to March 21, 2000
To form an integrated optical component comprising a thick waveguide coupled to a thin waveguide, the method consists in:depositing a first guiding layer of said thick waveguide on a substrate;locally etching said first guiding layer over a portion allocated both to a coupling interface and
6023354 Semiconductor Bragg reflector and a method of fabricating said reflector February 8, 2000
A semiconductor Bragg reflector and to a method of fabricating it. The reflector comprises a plurality of stacked layers on a substrate of a III-V type material, one of the stacked layers forming a holographic grating. The layer forming the grating comprises an alternating succession
6005708 Wavelength converter for binary optical signals December 21, 1999
The invention relates to wavelength converters for optical signals, as used in telecommunications, in particular for routing signals. The invention relates in particular to a wavelength converter including an interferometer structure for delivering an output optical signal, in which
5982531 Semiconductor optical amplifier November 9, 1999
The invention concerns a semiconductor optical amplifier. The optical guide structure of this amplifier comprises a rectangular cross-section active stripe (12). Its material is homogeneous and it is subjected to a tensile strain sufficient to render the amplifier insensitive to the pola
5916822 Method of etching a substrate by means of chemical beams June 29, 1999
In order to facilitate resuming molecular beam epitaxy after etching a substrate or an epitaxial layer, the etching method is implemented in an ultra-high vacuum, and it consists in producing at least two simultaneous chemical beams converging towards the substrate or the layer, the beam
5747366 Method of fabricating a surface emitting semiconductor laser May 5, 1998
In a method of fabricating a surface emitting semiconductor layer, to achieve good electrical confinement and good flatness of the mirrors delimiting the resonant cavity of the laser, an electrical confinement layer is made by growing a localized aluminum alloy layer on the active la
5712864 Photonic diplex transceiver January 27, 1998
A semiconductor photonic diplex transceiver includes a laser to generate a first optical signal having a certain wavelength and a photodetector to detect a second optical signal having another wavelength. The diplex transceiver also includes an absorber of the first signal disposed betwe
5707890 Method of shifting a wavelength in a semiconductor structure having quantum wells January 13, 1998
From a top face of a semiconductor structure of the III-V type, inter-diffusion of elements between the wells and the barriers of an internal quantum structure is hot induced. The inter-diffusion is performed in one segment of the structure only, namely a segment in which the charact
5687272 Segmented optical waveguide suitable in particular for being included in a semiconductor device November 11, 1997
An optical waveguide includes, in monolithic manner, a rear segment, a transition segment, and a front segment extending and succeeding one another along the length of the waveguide. A lateral confinement factor and a width the waveguide are respectively larger and smaller in the rear
5486489 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component, in particular a buried ridge laser January 23, 1996
In the method, a doped semiconductor coating is to be deposited on a disturbed surface (S) of a semiconductor base (9) doped with a dopant having the same conductivity type as the coating. According to the invention, prior to depositing a main layer (28) of the coating (10), a superd
5321260 Effusion method and an effusion cell for forming molecular beams June 14, 1994
Primary molecules are formed by sublimation in a sublimation chamber (2), they are then transferred at a transfer flow-rate to a decomposition head (10) at a higher temperature, and they are transformed therein into secondary molecules that are lighter in weight to form molecular beams
5278858 Double channel semiconductor laser and method of fabricating it January 11, 1994
The energization current of an indium phosphide or gallium arsenide double channel semiconductor laser is confined within a laser stripe by near and far current blocking arrangements. The near current blocking arrangements are formed by a blocking junction formed in two lateral channels
5215939 Method of manufacturing a planar buried heterojunction laser June 1, 1993
In a method of manufacturing a planar buried heterojunction laser, after etching to delimit a laser stripe in relief on a substrate, lateral layers to surround the stripe are formed by a non-selective growth method not only at the sides of the stripe but also above it to create a parasit

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