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Goldfarb; Adolph E.
Westlake Village, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D297455 Housing for a computer fan August 30, 1988
D278450 Wheel for toy amphibious vehicle April 16, 1985
D278356 Tire for toy vehicle April 9, 1985
6306470 Activity apparatus and method for generally instantaneously creating lithophane-type pictorial w October 23, 2001
Activity or craft apparatus and method for simply, quickly and inexpensively creating a thin lithophane-like pictorial work that provides a picture or image when light passes through the work from the rear. The work is formed from a formable translucent material. One form of illustra
6287492 Activity apparatus and method for compressing pliant translucent material to generally instantan September 11, 2001
Activity or craft apparatus and method for simply, inexpensively, and generally instantaneously creating a thin lithophane-like pictorial work that provides a picture or image when light passes through the work from the rear. The work is formed by compressing a formable translucent m
6068262 Selection game May 30, 2000
A game for play by one or more players. The illustrated game includes a selection surface for each player. Each surface faces a player area where the associated player would position herself to observe the surface. A liquid discharge mechanism is selectively operable to direct a liquid
5979900 Game with display and action-discharge November 9, 1999
In one form of game the player observes and must quickly respond to the rapidly changing conditions of one or more visually observed displays such as lights to avoid being sprayed by a liquid discharge. The games is so constructed that to effectively play the game the player must general
5887874 Game with action discharge March 30, 1999
In one form of the game, the player must maintain her face in position to be sprayed while using a tool to capture or manipulate a visually observed object. This game may include an open electrical circuit that mishandling of the tool causes to close to direct a spray at the player.
5823538 Game with action-discharge October 20, 1998
In one form of game the player observes and must quickly respond to the rapidly changing conditions of one or more visually observed displays such as lights to avoid being sprayed by a liquid discharge. The games is so constructed that to effectively play the game the player must general
5788236 Apparatus and method of playing a competitive strategy game August 4, 1998
A competitive strategy game playable by two or more players. The illustrated game includes a board defining a plurality of channels arranged adjacent to one another. Each channel has a plurality of positions arranged along the channel. Each player is provided with a set of player pie
5704610 Competitive table-top game with action-discharge January 6, 1998
A competitive table top type game having a "fenced-in" playing surface with opposed player ends. Each player controls one or more strikers and uses it to cause a play piece such as a ball to hit the opponent's target. When a player's target is hit, a liquid discharge is directed at that
5553643 Apparatus and method for rapidly rotating containers to produce multi-aspect designs September 10, 1996
Apparatus and method for rapidly rotating a small enclosed transparent container and introducing a plurality of visually different materials into the rotating container to produce distinctive multi-aspect designs. The illustrated apparatus includes a support for releasibly holding one of
5540608 Play devices for playing musical tunes when repeatedly actuated July 30, 1996
A toy for interacting with a series of bubbles to play a tune. The illustrated toy has a housing that includes a handle and at least two spaced-apart electrical contacts. Housed within the housing and electrically connected to the contacts and to one another in a circuit are a microp
5203559 Bowling apparatus having spring driven wind-up striker April 20, 1993
Game apparatus comprising of at least one self-standing upright playpiece and a self-powered striker self-movable along a supporting surface so as to engage and knock over the playpiece. The striker may be aimed toward the playpiece from a stationary position and then caused to move forw
5163863 Action toy November 17, 1992
An action toy for young children comprising a base that defines a pathway, and motor means on the base connected to a primary mobile object in the form of a personified animal or vehicle such as a toy shark for advancing the object forwardly along the pathway. Caming surfaces are spaced
5145447 Multiple choice verbal sound toy September 8, 1992
A multiple-choice verbal sound toy uses a microprocessor to produce one song or poem that has at least one space or slot for introducing a supplementary verbal sound segment to complete the song or poem. The child user may be given a plurality of different choices of segments for com
5032100 Toy vehicle and launcher using contractive power of liquid expanded chamber to propel vehicle July 16, 1991
A toy vehicle and launcher combination apparatus. The illustrated toy vehicle has a rubber bladder or chamber member that is expanded by water or other liquid under pressing while the vehicle is held on the launcher. The launcher may include a reservoir and pump to provide the water unde
5009431 Surprise action game April 23, 1991
A multiplayer surprise action game in the form of a central unit which defines a spiral pathway around its upper portion and a housing for an object-projecting mechanism in its lower portion. The housing has a plurality of openable doorways spaced around it. Each doorway defines a pl
4988321 Surprise and learn molding toy January 29, 1991
A toy molding device that has one or more mold cavities. Each cavity has a shape that defines a three-dimensional visually recognizable element such as a tree or a cat. Each cavity also has an entrance with a shape that defines a two-dimensional visually recognizable element such as a le
4955605 Home basketball apparatus September 11, 1990
An inexpensive home basketball shooting game apparatus comprising a basketball hoop for being releasably mounted atop a door, an elongated return net for extending from around and below the hoop area outwardly and downwardly to where its opposite end is constructed and arranged to be
4950912 Multi-segment play apparatus August 21, 1990
A method of playing a board game, where the game comprises a play surface and multi-segmented playing pieces representing characters adapted to stand upright on the surface. Each character is comprised of a stack of segments. By progressively removing segments from the bottom of the stac
4945643 Amusement apparatus for drawing a distorted caricature by tracing an original photograph or the August 7, 1990
This very simple apparatus enlarges in one direction, and copies without enlargement in an orthogonal direction. A tracing arm has a tracing stylus at one point, a drawing-implement holder at another point, and a longitudinal track along another part of the arm. The track engages a p
4938481 Incrementally advancing toy apparatus July 3, 1990
The illustrated action toy apparatus comprises an incrementally advancing catcher unit that may be in the form of an animated character such as a shark. The unit moves along a succession of areas of a path. Objects which may represent fish or the like are disposed on the areas. A fish on
4825556 Apparatus for drawing compound designs, with offsetting, size-varying, skewing, and distorting a May 2, 1989
This amusement device is for use with paper and one or more pens, to draw compound plural-lobe designs. It has a base and a paper carriage mounted to the base for, ideally, rotation through a complete design-drawing motion. A pen-holding arm preferably has a motion-imparting fitting at o
4778430 Water slide toy October 18, 1988
A water slide toy including: a downwardly inclined slide having an upper end and a lower end; a carrier for moving separate discreet objects such as human or animal figures from the lower end of the slide back up to the upper end of the slide so that the objects can slide downwardly from
4702140 Solar-powered musical ornaments and novelties October 27, 1987
These small, inexpensive ornaments and novelties emit music and other sounds (such as simulated voice) when exposed to light, and can be placed out-of-doors in a garden. Being light-powered, they can operate for an essentially indefinite time, even though unattended.Each such ornament or
4673370 Toy four-wheel-drive climbing vehicle operable on land, over water, and under water June 16, 1987
Pontoons along both sides of the vehicle can be filled with either air or water, at the user's preference. When the pontoons are filled with air the vehicle floats in water and is driven along the water surface by a propeller and also by a tread drive. When the pontoons are filled with
4652247 Amphibious self-powered toy vehicle with integrated four-wheel and steering-water-jet drive March 24, 1987
This toy propels itself along the surface of a pool of water or along an extremely steep, irregular nonwater surface. A battery powers a motor, which drives the vehicle's four wheels and a steerable water jet. The wheels carry pronounced peripheral cleats for propulsion along both a
4604768 Transparent self-adhesive bumpers for protecting household or office surfaces or articles incons August 12, 1986
Like conventional bumpers, these transparent self-attaching bumpers for household and office use protect walls, cabinets, furniture, chinaware and other objects from damage due to impacts. By virtue of transparency and other optical properties, however, they avoid the conspicuous "spots"
4550910 Toy track presenting interference to passage of toy vehicles thereon November 5, 1985
This track, particularly for use with electrically self-propelled vehicles, has various elements for interfering with vehicle passage. Different effects are obtained--amusing, fascinating, or enhanced competitive play with two or more vehicles. Most of the interfering elements are de
4547166 Amphibious self-powered miniature car with unusual climbing capability October 15, 1985
An amphibious toy vehicle about the length of a "penlight" battery can climb any grade where it will not tip over backward, and can propel itself through water. An "AA" battery powers an electric motor in the four-wheel-drive vehicle. The motor has a double-ended shaft, driving a sym
4538803 Working musical carousel kit with rocking figures September 3, 1985
The carousel when assembled by the consumer has striking animation effects (considering that the mechanism is made primarily of wood), including a rocking motion of animal figurines. The rocking results from mounting each figurine on the end of a horizontally rotatable shaft, supported f
4522606 Self-powered miniature toy vehicle with treads and with unusual four-wheel-drive climbing capabi June 11, 1985
This toy operates on continuous-belt treads that cooperate with other "climbing toy" features to provide extremely exaggerated ability to negotiate steep and/or rough surfaces. The car selectably operates: (1) as a conventional electrically powered toy, at at least one speed, on a flat
4509760 Target structure April 9, 1985
A target structure comprising of at least one target and means coupled to the target for exploding the target when the target is hit by an object. In a particular embodiment, the target is a horizontal panel and projector means is located beneath the panel and projects the panel away fro
4504889 High intensity security flashlight with duffusing parabolic reflector March 12, 1985
Although small enough to fit in a purse, this flashlight operates on six volts using a full-size flashlight bulb and casts a bright and quite-uniform beam of light, primarily for brief uses at relatively short range.The uniformity of the beam is obtained by a novel optical system, that
4498886 Wheeled turbine-powered toy vehicle and launcher apparatus February 12, 1985
A wheeled turbine-powered toy vehicle and launcher apparatus. The toy vehicle has at least three spaced-apart ground engaging wheels on which it is supported and a drive mechanism operatively coupled to at least one of the wheels for transmitting rotation to the wheel. The drive mechanis
4492058 Ultracompact miniature toy vehicle with four-wheel drive and unusual climbing capability January 8, 1985
A toy vehicle only slightly longer than a "penlight" battery, and with chassis less than twice the width of such a battery, is able (traction permitting) to climb any grade on which it will not tip over backward--grades up to about to negotiate a vertical step taller
4475304 Toy vehicle apparatus for weight pulling October 9, 1984
Toy apparatus including an assembly for coupling a self-powered 4-wheel drive toy pulling vehicle to a toy sled which provides a variable resistance or drag to test the pulling power of the vehicle. The toy apparatus simulates in a simplified and economical way its full-scale counter
4468884 Miniature toy vehicle driven at three axes September 4, 1984
An electrically self-powered miniature toy vehicle having three or more driven axles, and being capable of climbing over rough terrain and obstacles as well as up steep inclines. In a preferred form, the vehicle in the form of the cab of an 18-wheeler truck is only slightly longer than

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