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Gold; Peter
Hempstead, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5560702 Van rear light display October 1, 1996
For a popular dome-shaped industrial van having rear left and right doors, an added pair of tail lights at the top of the van rear edge to which the doors are hinged. Which in the location noted the tail lights are visible to an oncoming motorist when the doors are open through the clear
5549346 Auto windshield molding with improved crown August 27, 1996
In a T-shaped auto reveal molding, firmed by a vertical leg depending from a horizontally oriented crown, an improvement in the crown consisting of an inverted semi-circular notch which allows for compensating pivotal movement in the distal edge of the crown to maintain contact of the cr
5525174 Auto windshield molding and method of installation June 11, 1996
An auto windshield molding which is installed by being inserted, after the sized windshield is seated in an oversized opening, in the gap between the peripheral edge of the windshield and a wall bounding the windshield opening, characterized by a hand-shapable construction material (i.e.
5524954 Van rear compartment closure June 11, 1996
A two-window closure for the rear opening of a van to obviate a spare tire obstruction in which one window is coextensive with the spare tire and remains in place unless the spare tire is traversed out of the way, but the other window being coextensive with the remainder of the window
5509711 Installation molding for trapezoidal auto windshield April 23, 1996
A method of installing an auto windshield molding in place about the peripheral edge of the windshield in a trapezoidal windshield opening, during which the converging sides of the windshield opening, which provide the trapezoidal shape, also provide a camming-type function by compressin
5509187 Method of replacing a windshield utilizing a knife for removing scalant April 23, 1996
A method of removing hardened urethane from about a defective windshield using a two-bladed knife in which one blade follows along a straight path and the other along a wavy path due to varying reissuance to cutting of the urethane, such that the wavy path brings the one blade closer to
5480504 Method of preaffixing a molding to a windshield January 2, 1996
A molding for the peripheral edge of an auto windshield extruded with a configurated leg to serve as a convenient hand grip by which, once gripped and urged through a pivotal traverse, opens up a compartment into which the peripheral windshield edge is readily projected to achieve the
5472304 Screw support for a wall mount December 5, 1995
A planar pointed body, impacted through a sheetrock wall to create a rectangular notch for sighting therethrough a central opening in the planar body incident to a self-threading screw being applied along the line of sight into threaded engagement with said central opening so that th
5470422 Auto insert molding and method of installation November 28, 1995
The use of "limp", i.e. 70-durometer Ethylene Propylene Di-Monomer ("EPDM"), construction material for an auto windshield insert molding which is installed in the gap between the windshield and the oversized windshield opening by a method contemplating manual adjustment of the moldin
5467522 Windshield wiper deicing windshield and method of constructing same November 21, 1995
Safety glass, known to consist of glass panels having an interposed plastic ply to minimize shattering, is converted by the within method into an auto windshield having a wiper deicing function by the application of resistive conductive coatings forming a circuit along the glass panel bo
5457913 Hinge mounting for auto ventilation window October 17, 1995
An auto ventilation side window in a recessed opening to minimize adverse aerodynamic wind resistance, in which the flange periphery which bounds the recess is advantageously used also as a flexturing support for an opening pivotal traverse of the window, the angle of the traverse being
5441324 Industrial van with increased cargo-carrying capacity August 15, 1995
Improvements for increasing the cargo-carrying capacity of a van of a type having a body with right and left pivotally hinged doors comprising a door-bracing panel for supporting additional cargo operatively disposed to hold open the right and left doors in spaced apart relation extendin
5410294 Auto rear window signal April 25, 1995
Mandated by law in most states is an original equipment manufacture (OEM) auto rear window brake-operated light which displays itself as a steady light signal when the brake is operated. This same light is now given a flashing mode to indicate the "cruise control" is on so that an ap
5199135 Binding device April 6, 1993
An elastic binding device for circumferentially containing a bundle. A closed-loop elastic band is stretched around a bundle and an end portion thereof is projected through itself and seated in a notch of a dowel pin holding the projected end.
5163731 Vehicle reflective molding November 17, 1992
A vehicle rear window reveal molding provided with a rearwardly facing groove serving as a repository for reflective material in which the overhang of an upper leg of the groove shelters the reflective material against ultraviolet deterioration but allows clear visibility thereof in
5150943 Vehicle window and method of installing same September 29, 1992
A porthole van window to increase available daylight in which the window is initially adhesively attached to a first molding seated in the circular window opening and has a second molding attached to its peripheral edge, beneath which a curable sealant is deposited for firmly bonding the

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