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Gliniorz; Lothar
Frankenthal, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D388781 Video tape cassette January 6, 1998
5402296 Tape cassette, in particular magnetic tape cassette, and support liners for this March 28, 1995
A tape cassette is provided with curved/bent support liners, the longitudinal bends having different cross-sectional shapes and lengths and hence different effective spring constants. The hubs or reels and, if necessary, the tape rolls are guided and the tape sections to be wound/unw
5209351 Container for tape cassettes May 11, 1993
A container for tape cassettes is provided with one or more locking elements which comprise one or more ring segments which are roughly adapted to the drive orifice of the cassette. An advantageous embodiment is formed integrally with a web and, preferably, an ejector peg. Overlaps i
5010434 Tape cassette having a two-reel brake system having identical brake levers therefor April 23, 1991
A tape cassette has a two-reel brake system having identical brake levers and an actuating element possessing actuating arms for the brake levers, the actuating arms being arranged at least close to the ends of the swivel axle. The brake system is suitable for all two-reel tape cassettes
5002239 Locking/unlocking means for a cassette, and a cassette having this means March 26, 1991
A locking/unlocking means for cassettes, in particular those having swivel cover flaps, consists partially or completely of elastically deformable material and is pivotably mounted at two or more points. In the rest position of the locking/unlocking means, advantageously a swivel plate,
4915322 Cassette and locking element for the same April 10, 1990
A cassette incorporating a locking element, in particular for a hinged flap of the cassette, has mounting elements which are arranged so as not to turn in at least one retaining slit and a resiliently flexible integrated part which products a bending and torsional stress when the locking
4736904 Tape guide means for a tape to be transported, in particular in a magnetic tape cassette or in a April 12, 1988
A guide means for tapes to be transported, in particular in tape cassettes or tape apparatus, comprises a support element and a flexible guide strip, in particular one made of metal foil, fixed on this, and at least one holding element for the end sections of the flexible guide strip. Th
4465247 Magnetic tape transport apparatus August 14, 1984
A magnetic tape transport apparatus wherein at least one capstan simultaneously drives the take-up and supply reels, and wherein tape tension is generated by a braking device allotted to each tape reel, each braking device consisting of an assembly of levers (A, B, C, and D, E, Z) an
4420079 Container for tape-like material December 13, 1983
A container for tape-like material wound into a roll or stored in a cartridge, which container consists of a bottom and a top part, which are pivotable relative to one another for the purpose of opening and closing the container and can, when the container is open, be telescoped with the
4385331 Tape cartridge assembly and tape transport apparatus for use therewith May 24, 1983
A magnetic tape cartridge and tape transport apparatus for use therewith, comprising a cartridge housing and a support which is movable inside the housing in all directions in the plane of the latter and on which hubs are rotatably mounted, between which hubs a magnetic tape can be wound
4347537 Tape cartridge assembly and tape transport apparatus for use therewith August 31, 1982
A tape cartridge assembly and tape transport apparatus for use therewith, comprising a cartridge housing which is provided internally with holding means for a hub bearing a roll of magnetic tape, the roll of tape being accessible from outside, receiving means for the cartridge housing an
4333619 Recording medium and leader assembly June 8, 1982
A strip-like recording medium, in particular a magnetic tape, is provided with at least one self-threading leader which wraps smoothly onto the periphery of a cylindrical body, the recording medium and the leader being joined to one another, over their butt joint, by a piece of splicing
4333116 Positioning device for a magnetic head of a magnetic tape recorder June 1, 1982
A positioning device for a magnetic head of a magnetic tape recorder, comprising a head carrier which can be moved transversely of the magnetic tape by means of a threaded spindle and a follower, the head carrier being provided with a signal transducer for controlling the drive motor for
4254585 Process and apparatus for the surface treatment of flexible magnetic recording media March 10, 1981
A process and apparatus for the treatment of the recording surface of magnetic recording media using consecutively arranged units for burnishing, cleaning and calendering the web of plastics film provided with a magnetic coating. The process and apparatus of the invention are particu
4225099 Tape transport mechanism September 30, 1980
This invention relates to a tape transport mechanism, particularly an improved contact winding tape transport system modified to protect it against tape transport disturbances occasioned by mechanical impacts. A shock-resisting coupling means is provided which is allocated to the reel
4210266 Device for ejecting a loop of leader tape from a magnetic tape cassette July 1, 1980
A device for ejecting a loop of leader tape from a magnetic tape cassette, in which a portion of the leader tape is blown out of the cassette so as to form a loop, by means of a stream of air issuing from at least one nozzle which is connected to a source of pressurized air and projects
4198007 Shaft for simultaneously winding a plurality of rolls of strip material April 15, 1980
A winding shaft having a plurality of winding sleeves which are mounted next to one another on the winding shaft in such a way that they can rotate independently of one another, and which can be frictionally connected thereto, the frictional connections between the winding sleeves an
4175999 Apparatus for loading magnetic tape cassettes with magnetic tape November 27, 1979
Apparatus for the simultaneous loading of a plurality of otherwise finished magnetic tape cassettes, provided with leader tape, with magnetic tape, comprising a device for cutting a web of base film, provided with a magnetic coating, into a plurality of magnetic tapes; a downstream s
4098446 Process for the manufacture of tape guides of large area for tape transport apparatus, and tape July 4, 1978
The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a tape guide of large surface area for tape transport apparatus and to the tape guide manufactured thereby. In manufacturing the guide, a strip of material is elastically deformed, after which the deformation is maintained. One of

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