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Gherardini; Stephen Daniel
Harrisburg, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8231261 LED module and interconnection system July 31, 2012
A LED module and interconnection system is disclosed. The LED module includes a lens, a housing, and a printed circuit board PCB having at least on LED disposed within the housing. The housing includes a plurality of openings providing physical and electrical access to the PCB. The i
8222533 Low profile photovoltaic (LPPV) box July 17, 2012
A low profile photovoltaic connection system for placement in space restricted areas. The connection system includes a connection box, diodes, and heat sinks inside of the connection box. The heat sink element is maintained in contact with the diode element such that the heat sink di
8192233 Connector assembly for a photovoltaic module June 5, 2012
A connector assembly for a photovoltaic module includes a locator having a support rib configured to hold a buss of the photovoltaic module, and a connector housing holding a contact. The connector housing is configured to be mounted to the photovoltaic module over the locator such that
7914298 Solar box and two position solar connectors March 29, 2011
A connecting box, gland nut, and electrical connector for the solar connector industry is disclosed. The connecting box, the gland nut, and the electrical connector require a tool to disengage, are being resistant to external environmental stressors, and/or provide the ability to mon
7892042 Connector with keying member February 22, 2011
A connector is provided for terminating an end portion of a cable that includes a conductor. The connector includes a housing and a contact held by the housing. The contact is configured to be connected to the conductor of the cable. A keying member is rotatably held by the housing.
7614919 Bussing connector November 10, 2009
A low-profile electrical connector and connector system having a connector body. The connector body includes at least one bussing interconnection capable of electrically connecting to electrical devices and including at least one structure configured to receive a receptacle body having a
7497711 Modular method and system for insulated bus bar cable harness termination concept March 3, 2009
A bridge and cable harness assembly to protect bus bar apparatuses from foreign object exposure and further, electrical shorts. The assembly provides an apparatus that is configured based on the specific arrangement of the bus bar. The user determined how many bridge assemblies are n
7244146 High density RF connector system July 17, 2007
A coaxial connector has inner and outer contacts (34, 36) connected to inner and outer conductors (20, 22) of a coaxial cable (14), in a contact arrangement of small diameter (A), so each coax contact arrangements can carry high frequency signals. The outer contact has a rear portion (70
6945702 Fiber optic connector with mating features September 20, 2005
A fiber optic connector system in which two fiber optic connectors (44, 46) mate within a cabinet (12) and each one can be withdrawn for cleaning. Each connector is part of a connector assembly (40, 42) that includes a mounting bracket (54, 56) fixed to a corresponding daughterboard (20,
6874945 Optic fiber connection system with terminus-holding body slidable in housing April 5, 2005
An optic fiber connection system in which a first connector (12) on a daughter board (32) can slide towards a second connector (14) on a mother board (20) until the daughter board is latched and the connectors are fully mated, which assures proper mating despite overtravel or undertravel
6776533 Latching fiber optic connector system August 17, 2004
An optical fiber connector system includes first and second mateable connectors (12, 14) with fiber blocks (32,72) that hold optical fiber termini (50), wherein forward (F) movement of the second connector housing (70) toward the first housing (30) results in automatic latching together
6632102 Fiber optic connector with unlatching and partial disassembly October 14, 2003
An optical fiber connector assembly includes a body (22) with passages (26) that hold optical fibers and a backshell (24) that can be removed and slid along the optical fiber cable to provide access to the fibers so a selected fiber can be removed while the rest of the fibers continue to
6219007 Antenna assembly April 17, 2001
An antenna assembly (1) for connection to a wireless communications device (27) for adjusting the signals of amplifiers and line extenders of a broadband communications cable, has, an antenna coil (3) connected in one end of a conducting sleeve (4), a length of coaxial cable (5) having a
5943026 Boot assembly for an antenna August 24, 1999
A boot assembly (40) for an antenna (30) includes an elongate sleeve (42) and an end cap (60), the sleeve (42) having an opening defining an annular recess (44) dimensioned to receive the end cap (60) and be secured thereto in an adhesive joint. One of either the inner surface (46) of th
5825334 Flexible antenna and method of manufacturing same October 20, 1998
An antenna (20) including a continuous planar conductor (22) in a coaxial connector. The planar conductor (22) is made by stamping an array of slots (30) in a continuous sheet of metal with ends of adjacent slots (30) being offset from each other in an alternating pattern of long and sho
5724717 Method of making an electrical article March 10, 1998
A method for making an electrical article includes: providing a conductive lead frame having a first contact section (129) adapted to be electrically and mechanically secured to a discrete second conductive member (144) and a holding section proximate the first contact section (129) adap

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