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Geyer; Otto-Christian
Wetzlar, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4866148 Hydrophilic copolymers, the use thereof as biomedical materials and contact-optical articles pro September 12, 1989
The invention relates to new cross-linked copolymers of N-vinyl pyrrolidone, N-alkyl-N-vinyl carboxylic acid amides, methacrylates and optionally further copolymerizing monomers of a specific composition. the copolymers have a water absorption capacity of up to about 80% by weight, b
4703097 Optical contact objects October 27, 1987
The optical contact objects contain a wettable, optionally crosslinked copolymer comprising the components N-vinylcarboxamide, (meth)acrylates of a polysiloxane and, optionally, vinyl monomers.
4533397 Use of polymer alloys based on cellulose esters in contact ophthalmics, and contact lenses produ August 6, 1985
Contact lenses prepared from a polymer alloy essentially free from low molecular weight plasticizers and which comprises(A) 97-80% by weight of one or more cellulose esters of one or more aliphatic carboxylic acids, and(B) 3-30% by weight of an aliphatic polymeric compound having ester m
4384097 Contact lenses of methyl methacrylate copolymers May 17, 1983
Contact lenses and contact shells of light-refracting material consisting essentially of a copolymer of(I) from 40 to 90% by weight of methyl methacrylate and(II) from 10 to 60% by weight of methyl acrylate and/or esters corresponding to formula (1): ##STR1## in which R represents H

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