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Gerber; Remi
Nantes, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6414617 Digital-to-analogue converter July 2, 2002
The invention concerns an analog-to-digital converter, comprising programmable circuits generating (1) an image electric current proportional to the sum of active voltage values forming a series of voltage levels in geometric progression and corresponding to electric voltage values f
6114875 Circuit for converting analogue levels September 5, 2000
A high/low and low/high analogue level converter circuit for integrated circuits in which a high/low converter circuit comprises, supplied at a first voltage value, a converter module which receives a logic input signal of analogue level adapted to this first voltage value and delivers
6111432 Symmetric adapter unit for switching a logic signal August 29, 2000
A symmetric adapter unit for switching a logic signal implemented in CMOS technology that includes a control module for transmission and non-transmission of the logic signal, receiving this logic signal and a control logic signal to deliver a first and a second asymmetric switching c
5998983 Device for generating a DC reference voltage December 7, 1999
A device that generates a DC reference voltage approximately equal to half a DC supply voltage. It includes an input stage forming a first potentiometric divider comprising two branches having an asymmetric behavior in response to variations in the room and/or operating temperature,
5880600 Device for interfacing logic signals from the LLL level to the TTL and CMOS level March 9, 1999
A device for interfacing from the LLL level to the TTL and CMOS level that comprises, in cascade, a first and a second amplifier-inverter and a shaping circuit delivering an inverted logic signal at the TTL level. A power inverter-amplifier circuit receives the inverted logic signal at t
5789941 ECL level/CMOS level logic signal interfacing device August 4, 1998
An ECL level/CMOS level logic signal interfacing device includes, connected in cascade, a circuit for generating an in-phase relationship with an ECL level input signal, a threshold inverter circuit receiving the in-phase signal at an inverter input and delivering an inverted in-phase si
5754135 Analog-to digital conversion device having a standby mode May 19, 1998
This analog-digital conversion device comprises switching means (CS) having two close and centered triggering thresholds; a NOR logic gate (PL) which, when the conversion device is not being used, receives a standby command signal and delivers a zero digital output signal (NOUT) imposed
5732025 Output interfacing device programmable among three states for a memory in CMOS technology March 24, 1998
A three-state output interfacing device for a CMOS memory that comprises a stage for selective control of the device, receiving an input signal (I) at the bit frequency and a control signal (e) and making it possible to deliver, on two ports (A) and (B), either complemented signals (I),

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