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Ganter; Wolfgang
Schramberg, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5430693 Radio-controlled timepiece July 4, 1995
A radio-controlled timepiece comprises an antenna in the form of a core on which a coil is mounted. The core includes a hole spaced from the coil and defining an axis oriented perpendicular to the coil axis. A printed circuit board is disposed in the hole such that electrically conductiv
5408445 Radio timepiece April 18, 1995
A radio timepiece is disclosed which receives and decodes a time information signal from a remote transmitter and displays a time information. The timepiece includes a manual time zone switching circuitry deigned to permit use of the timepiece in time zones adjacent to the one in whi
5253226 Radio-controlled timepiece with antenna coil October 12, 1993
A radio-controlled timepiece includes an antenna ferrite core which also serves as a base plate having recesses into which the thicker clockworks components, such as a hands mechanism are disposed. Thinner clockworks parts, such as strip conductors, circuits and optronic display modules
5235563 Autonomous radio timepiece August 10, 1993
An autonomous radio timepiece (11) with a magnetic antenna (14) located in the vicinity of a electromechanical transducer (25) for driving a time display (19), in order to obtain a radio timepiece with a small volume and operable in a compact manner. To avoid electromagnetic interference
5231612 Position detection and correction mechanism for a timepiece July 27, 1993
A radio-controlled timepiece contains a mechanism for the detection and correction of a hands setting. The mechanism includes a sender and a receiver for sending and receiving, respectively, a radiation beam. A hands setting mechanism includes an hour wheel, a minute wheel, and a sec
5177714 Autonomous radio timepiece January 5, 1993
A autonomous radio timepiece (11), in particular in the form of a small travel clock or a wristwatch, is designed to operate for an extended period of time with a small battery, and to provide a reliable time display when traveling outside the reception range of a transmitter of code
5168476 Alarm clock December 1, 1992
A radio-controlled timepiece includes a clock face, a hands assembly mounted for rotation about an axis in front of the clock face, and an alarm setting mechanism. The alarm setting mechanism comprises a minute setting disk which is driven by an hour setting disk. A manually rotatable
5144599 Autonomous radio-controlled timepiece September 1, 1992
An autonomous radio timepiece comprises a casing and a bracelet attached thereto. The casing includes an operating circuit, while the bracelet carries a flexible antenna. The antenna can be removed from the bracelet in the event that the bracelet is worn and must be discarded. The antenn
5105396 Autonomous radio timepiece April 14, 1992
An autonomous radio timepiece (1), in particular small, portable timepiece such as a travel alarm clock or a wrist watch includes a display (25) of the prevailing radio field intensity. The display (25) is capable of simultaneously signaling the actuation of a receiver (14) for the decod
5083123 Autonomous radio controlled timepiece January 21, 1992
An autonomous radio controlled timepiece having a display for displaying information relative to receiving conditions to provide the consumer with increased assurance regarding the accuracy of the instantaneous time display. For this purpose, an analog or digital, optionally multidigit
5077706 Autonomous radio timepiece capable of automatic correction regardless of time zone changes December 31, 1991
An autonomous radio timepiece is provided which will furnish a usable time display even when it is outside the time zone of the sender or if the timepiece is to be actuated, when it is not possible at a given point in time to receive valid time telegrams. For this, the timepiece is equip
4947179 Antenna for a radio controlled timepiece August 7, 1990
A magnetic antenna for a radio receiver such as a radio timepiece can be installed under restricted spacial conditions in a small housing or used as an antenna for a radio wristwatch. The antenna includes a core extending through a coil. The core is made of flexible, high permeability
4803544 Prefabricated strip conductor network assembly unit and process for making same February 7, 1989
A strip conductor assembly is prefabricated so as to be able to be mounted as a unit into a circuit board of an electro-mechanical clock movement without thereafter requiring further fabrication. The assembly is formed by attaching a circuit chip to a strip conductor network which has al
4714352 Electronic device powered by solar cells December 22, 1987
A small electric device powered by solar cells and by a capacitive charge storage element has stable actuation assured during startup with an as yet uncharged capacitor. Startup problems are avoided by control of the power supply with a threshold value circuit that allows power to be sup
4666313 Timepiece and drive unit therefor May 19, 1987
A solar timepiece comprises a drive unit including a commercially available battery clock mechanism mounted to the back of a support plate for the solar cells. The clock mechanism includes hands arbors which pass through an opening in the support plate. The support plate is angularly adj
4650344 Radio controlled timepiece March 17, 1987
A radio controlled timepiece includes a radio receiver for demodulating a transmitted signal on which time and date information has been encoded. A pulse sequence is derived from the transmitted radio signal which is used to drive the stepping motor which advances the hands of a standard
4645357 Electroptical detector for determining the position of the time display mechanism of a timepiece February 24, 1987
A timepiece receives an externally transmitted radio signal corresponding to an accurate time of day. Disposed within the timepiece is a detecting mechanism for detecting the time of day being displayed by the timepiece. The signals are compared to determine the accuracy of the timepiece
4626108 Wristwatch with seal December 2, 1986
A wristwatch comprises an outer case having a longitudinal retaining bore. A hollow, generally cylindrical plastic seal is disposed in the bore. The seal includes upper and lower portions, the lower portion being of reduced diameter. The upper portion includes a radial notch and an upper
4548514 Wristwatch having tubular seal and method for assembly October 22, 1985
A wristwatch includes an assembly comprising a hard plastic seal in the form of a hollow tube in which are mounted a crystal, a movement and face, and a bottom cover. That assembly is inserted as a unit into the bottom end of an opening of a clamping ring. A portion of the opening overli
4490051 Electromechanical short interval timer December 25, 1984
An electromechanical short interval timer has an actuating dial which can be manually rotated from a rest position to establish a time-elapse period. An electric motor returns the dial to its rest position. A timing circuit delivers electric pulses to drive the motor. A frequency selecto
4415277 Time adjusting mechanism for an electronic wristwatch with a manual adjusting stem November 15, 1983
In an electronic wristwatch a hands mechanism is adjusted manually by a pull-out stem. When the stem is pulled out, it displaces a correction wheel to operatively connect the stem with the hands mechanism. The correction wheel is moved tiltingly so that only a force-transmission side
4362391 Watch with a calendar display and hand setting device actuated by a setting shaft December 7, 1982
A watch with a calendar display and a hand setting device actuated by a setting shaft for correction measures as a function of the instantaneous position of the setting shaft is disclosed. For this purpose, a coupling element is rotatably coupled with the setting shaft. The coupling elem
4323996 Electronic wristwatch having electric terminal contacts April 6, 1982
An electronic wristwatch has electrical contact terminals accessible on the bottom side of the watch housing. The contact terminals are set in the bottom side of the housing in an electrically insulated matter and are supported elastically inside against a clock module contact surface. T
4262345 Electronic clock having an analog display and a plurality of digital functions April 14, 1981
A watch comprises an electronically controlled digital display of the month, day of the month, day of the week, or other information, in addition to a time-indicating analog display system. A single control circuit, using integrated circuit technology, controls the operation of the t
4254490 Electronic clock having synchronized analog and digital displays March 3, 1981
A watch includes a quartz-controlled electronic drive circuit for the control of the clockwork mechanism of a pointer-driving system for analog display of the time of day, and a digital read-out unit and control circuit for the display of additional data such as month, day of the mon
4244038 Watch having adjustable date and day indicators January 6, 1981
A watch contains a date indicator ring and a day of week indicator ring. A switching wheel is displaceable selectively into meshing engagement with the indicator rings to effect adjustment thereof. The switching wheel is actuated by a shaft which is axially displaceable between selection
4161864 Electronic watch, particularly a quartz-controlled wristwatch July 24, 1979
An electronic watch, particularly a quartz-controlled wristwatch including an electronic circuit for the control of an indicator device. The watch includes an indicator setting arrangement having a setting shaft arrestable in different positions, and a support plate therefor. A stop or
4143507 Battery operated electronic watch March 13, 1979
A battery operated watch includes an actuator mechanism adapted to actuating indicator hands of the watch. The actuating mechanism includes a gear train adapted to drive indicator hands, a motor for driving the gear train, and an electronic block unit. The electronic block unit includes

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