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Gandini; Mario
Brixen, IT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D243452 Color mixing head for a photographic enlarging apparatus February 22, 1977
8141981 Inkjet printing device and method for printing multi-coloured images March 27, 2012
The invention relates to an ink jet printing device (1) for printing multicolored images, with an essentially horizontally extending conveyor mechanism (2) for moving items to be printed (3) lying on it in a forward feed direction (4), and with a print head arrangement (5) disposed above
5823083 Gripping apparatus for reel material October 20, 1998
A gripping apparatus for reel material includes a reel support, a first clamping device and a second clamping device as well as a cutting device arranged between the clamping devices. The first clamping device is spring-mounted along two non-parallel axes so that the paper web can be
5634608 Take-up apparatus for reel material June 3, 1997
A take-up apparatus for reel material of an image exposing device has a driven winding drum and a sensor provided to control the drive of the winding drum. The sensor detects the position of the reel material ahead of the winding drum. In this case, the drive of the winding drum is c
4961087 Diaphragm adjusting arrangement in a photographic enlarging or copying apparatus having several October 2, 1990
A diaphragm adjusting arrangement in an enlarging appartus having several lenses with an adjustable diaphragm includes a motor drive for the common adjustment of the diaphragms of all lenses and a device for detecting the adjusting path. By means of the comparison of the actual position
4191466 Illuminating system for color enlargement or copying equipment March 4, 1980
In an illuminating system for color enlargement or copying, three color filters of maximum density and a shutter may be introduced into the light beam in a continuous motion. The direction of travel of the filters is normal to the direction of travel of the shutter. To avoid a change in
4143966 Illumination device for photographic color apparatus March 13, 1979
An illuminating device for a color printing apparatus having color filters insertable at varying amounts into the printing light beam has a light-conducting shaft and a variable aperture diaphragm both of which have substantially rectangular cross sections whereby the color content of
4131362 Light-mixing compartment for a light projector December 26, 1978
A light mixing compartment for a projector, such as incorporated in a photographic copier or enlarger, has four convexly curved side panels disposed between the entrance and exit, which are covered by light diffusing plates. The cross sections of the compartment parallel to its diffu
4077716 Illuminating equipment for a photographic enlarging or copying apparatus March 7, 1978
An illumating device for a photograph enlarging or copying apparatus has a pair of lighting compartments having different characteristics movably connected to each other and mounted to slide back and forth across the optical axis. The light compartment better adapted to the particular
4053222 Illuminating apparatus for photographic color enlarger October 11, 1977
The color mixing compartment of illuminating equipment for a photographic enlarger includes two parts. The part adjacent the light-admitting surface is a truncated pyramid. The part adjacent the light-emerging surface is substantially a parallelepiped having side faces disposed substanti

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