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Fujiwara; Masaki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7657801 Test apparatus, program, and test method February 2, 2010
There is provided a test apparatus that tests a device under test. The test apparatus includes an address generating circuit that generates a physical address to be supplied to a memory block inside the device under test, a plurality of mask registers being provided in correspondence wit
7299395 Test apparatus November 20, 2007
There is provided a test having a pattern generating section for generating a test pattern, an expected value generating section for generating an expected value, an inversion cycle generating section for generating an expected value pattern of an output signal in which bits in a cyc
7035084 Secondary battery and capacitor using indole polymeric compound April 25, 2006
Secondary batteries and capacitors have a high electromotive force together with a high cyclic property and are capable of fast charging and discharging, using a polymeric compound having a high stability and high reactivity in an acidic ambient, as an electrode active material. The
6830848 Molded electrode, method for production thereof, and secondary battery using thereof December 14, 2004
A molded electrode into one-piece is obtained by hot pressing an electrode material obtained by mixing a polymer active material, a conductivity-enhancing agent and a plasticizer, and a current collector sheet. The electrode structure permits significant freedom when designing a seco
6686089 Battery electrode, secondary battery, and method of manufacturing same February 3, 2004
A battery electrode is obtained by coating an electrically conductive film serving as a collector with an aqueous solution of formic acid containing polypyridine, which is an active material, in dissolved form as well as carbon powder serving as a conduction aid, and drying the solution
6641759 Polymer secondary cell electrode production method November 4, 2003
Powder of a polymer active material 1 exhibiting an electro-chemical oxidation-reduction reaction is mixed with powder of a conductivity assisting agent 2 to obtain a mixture. The mixture is molded by a thermal press into a unitary block. Thus, a cell electrode having a large film th
6569571 Electrode, secondary battery and method of producing the same May 27, 2003
A secondary battery comprises a pair of collectors made of a valve action metal, a pair of electrodes comprising a sulfuric acid aqueous solution, a separator and an outer can. Each collector is covered with an oxide film of a thickness of 1.7-10 nm. The oxide film is formed in a range o
6509116 Secondary battery and capacitor using indole polymeric compound January 21, 2003
Secondary batteries and capacitors have a high electromotive force together with a high cyclic property and are capable of fast charging and discharging, using a polymeric compound having a high stability and high reactivity in an acidic ambient, as an electrode active material. The
6428928 Battery and capacitor using quinoxaline resin August 6, 2002
The present invention provides an electrode containing a quinoxaline resin and an electrolyte which includes at least one of sulfuric acid ions and sulfonic acid ions, or the electrolyte which includes cations having ion radius of not more than 3 angstroms.
6413675 Multi layer electrolyte and cell using the same July 2, 2002
A multi layer electrolyte and a secondary cell using the multi layer electrolyte. The multi layer electrolyte comprises a solid electrolyte and other electrolyte such as gel electrolyte and/or electrolytic solution layer laminated on the solid electrolyte. The secondary cell using the
6274268 Polymer secondary battery and method of making same August 14, 2001
A polymer secondary battery uses, for at least one of the active material of positive electrode and the active material of negative electrode, a polymer-carbon composite material including powdered carbon having its surfaces coated with an organic compound polymer capable of adsorbing an
6254761 Method of preparing a conductive polymer for electrode and method of forming an electrode July 3, 2001
A method of producing a conductive polymer comprises the following steps of depositing a solid-state organic compound and contacting a collector with an electrolytic solution thereby to cause an electrolytic polymerization of said organic compound.
5938797 Low impedance solid electrolytic capacitor and method for fabricating the same August 17, 1999
A method of forming a solid electrolytic capacitor which has an anode body, with an anode body lead being set therein, formed of a valve-action metal, and sequentially provided thereon are a dielectric oxide layer, a manganese dioxide layer as a first semiconductor oxide layer, a mangane
5107214 Hot flaw detector with annular injection port for injecting cooling liquid April 21, 1992
A hot flaw detector is equipped with a sensor holding member that has a circular opening through which the material to be inspected will pass and that holds a flaw detecting sensor. Provision is made of an annular cooling liquid injection port that is open at an end of the sensor holding

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