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Fujii; Takabumi
Suita, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7700231 Battery and battery assembly April 20, 2010
A battery, suitable for forming a battery pack, includes an electrode assembly having a positive electrode plate and a negative electrode plate, and a separator wound or laminated together, core materials of the negative and positive electrode plates being bared respectively at either
7374842 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery May 20, 2008
A non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, comprises positive and negative electrode plates, each comprising a current collector and a material mixture layer carried on each face thereof. A total thickness of the positive electrode material mixture layers on both faces of the curre
7351493 Battery pack April 1, 2008
In a battery pack (1) that accommodates a plurality of batteries (11) arranged in parallel in a case (2) that forms a cooling-air passage (3), the cooling-air passage (3) and a gas-discharge passage (4) for discharging gas leaking from the battery (11) when the battery (11) falls int
7192671 Battery having nonconductive core March 20, 2007
In a battery having a structure that an electrode plate group, formed by winding a positive electrode plate and a negative electrode plate with a separator interposed therebetween, is housed in a battery case together with an electrolyte solution, the electrode plate group is rolled arou
6781349 Battery power source device August 24, 2004
A battery power source device is provided for supplying high electric power used for a drive power source for a vehicle. The battery power source device includes a battery box for storing a plurality of batteries arranged in a connected state in a battery storage room, an inlet opening
6132900 Method of production of non-aqueous electrolyte battery and seal plate thereof October 17, 2000
The present invention relates to a construction of an explosion-proof safety vent for small-size non-aqueous electrolyte batteries such as prismatic lithium-ion secondary batteries or with an oval cross section hence with a small area of seal plate, and to a method of producing a seal
6125677 Apparatus for processing battery case can, a battery, and a manufacturing method of battery October 3, 2000
To present a processing apparatus capable of forming an annular support portion for mounting a sealing plate on an elliptical battery case can at high precision and high productivity, and a structure of an elliptical battery using an elliptical battery case can.An elliptical battery case
5958617 Thin type battery September 28, 1999
To enhance the safety of battery, in a thin type battery, by securely cutting off electric connection when the internal pressure of the battery is raised.An upper valve disc and a lower valve disc are disposed through an electric insulating gasket, a part of the upper valve disc is forme
4977043 Rectangular sealed alkaline storage battery with negative electrode comprising hydrogen storage December 11, 1990
The present invention relates to improvement of an active material of a negative electrode in a rectangular sealed alkaline storage battery. That is, by using a hydrogen storage alloy as the active material of the negative electrode, a capacity density as a battery can be enhanced and
4608324 Organic electrolyte cell August 26, 1986
An organic electrolyte cell using copper oxide as a cathode active material and lithium or a lithium base alloy as an anode active material has a high energy density and is interchangeable with a general-purpose cell, but it has a disadvantage of voltage drop at an initial discharge stag

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