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Flaig; Heinz
Bochum, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6460828 Brake, in particular for a drive of a hoist October 8, 2002
A brake for a hoist, includes a brake disk and a magnetic filed which is aligned transversely to the brake disk and generates a reactive force which inhibits a movement of the brake disk and is dependent on the rotation speed of the brake disk as well as a radial distance from the ro
6241215 Portable winch June 5, 2001
A winch including a casing for accommodating an electric motor, a gearbox and a roller for winding and unwinding a traction member. In order to provide a cost-effective flat winch which can be transported by a single person and used universally, in particular for the domestic sector, the
6158302 Torque support December 12, 2000
A torque support, especially for wheel blocks, is arranged between a gear unit housing with a drive shaft and a driven unit housing. The torque support includes a plate-shaped base body which is detachably fastened to the gear unit housing with fastening elements. The plate-shaped base p
6065920 Securing ring May 23, 2000
A securing ring, includes a body defining a ring opening and having a circumference of substantially circular configuration at formation of a slotted gap to define confronting ring ends. The body defines a ring plane and an axis of symmetry and has a radial width which continuously i
5631510 Electric drive with brakes, in particular for hoists, lifting devices or positioning transportin May 20, 1997
An electric drive with brakes, in particular for hoists, lifting devices or positioning transporting systems, having a brake disk which is movable axially on a motor shaft so as to rotate therewith via a toothing. The brake disk has brake faces at both sides and can be pressed against a
5170995 Easily disassemblable compact hoist December 15, 1992
A compact hoist with a central hoist housing and an enclosed transmission located opposite a motor. The output shaft, of the motor, is guided coaxially through a transmission output shaft that is hollow and supports a sprocket wheel, or similar device, and receives power from the tra
5127631 Chain hoist with integral safety device July 7, 1992
A chain hoist for supporting and selectively raising and lowering a load includes a powered gearwheel that is connected through a frictional lock with one or more friction disks fixed for rotation with the hoist drive shaft so as to provide a slip clutch arrangement. The hoist additional
5019734 Brake coupler for displacement-type armature motor May 28, 1991
A displacement armature motor is formed such that the deformation element allows a larger axial shifting and displacement path of the displacement armature while requiring a lower construction precision. The deformation element includes two frames (17, 17a). The frame (17a) is connected
4877987 Motor with axially displaceable rotor October 31, 1989
The rotor is held on a shaft by means of a membrane providing an easy resilient deflection in axial direction and being stiff for torque transmission in azimuthal direction. The membrane is star-shaped, or has spiral arms or is of polygonal configuration. A membrane carrier is connec
4792323 Chain guide December 20, 1988
Chain guide for and in relation to a chain or sprocket wheel and being made of a pair of complimentary guide shells made as press parts and having when put together a pair of vertically extending cross shaped grooves; guide noses extend above the grooves and facing each other across a
4763768 Overload protection August 16, 1988
A bi-directionally effective overload protection device for a rotation machine part includes two coaxially arranged, mutually juxtaposed ring discs frictionally connected to a machine; a gear disc with outer gearing and inwardly directed flange means circumscribes the ring discs; a p
4520998 Safety mechanism for a hoist June 4, 1985
A cam following roller is one arm while a latching member is the other arm of a two-armed lever. The roller rides on the surface of a cam disk. The latch is supported by a spring in a released position relative to the stopping points of the sprocket as long as the predetermined speed lim
4221171 Direction shift control for connected vehicle undercarriages September 9, 1980
A shift control arrangement is provided for rail vehicles to bring about the simultaneous shifting of all directional guide wheels on the vehicle at the same time, including those in both the front and rear undercarriages of the vehicle. This is achieved by interconnecting the shift

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