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Felter; John V.
Houston, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D243851 Ventilator March 29, 1977
4659057 Tilt up concrete wall panel system April 21, 1987
System for forming concrete tilt up wall panels, wherein a plurality of form pans are assembled on guide bars resting on a flat surface by receiving lugs on the guide bars into openings in flanges of the form pans, the flanges of adjacent form pans being overlapped and being engaged
4528569 Earth station antenna assembled on site July 9, 1985
Earth station antenna and method for assembly wherein the antenna has a frame made up of accurately stamped radial ribs and circularly disposed cross members, the frame being filled in by either sheet metal segments or by screen mesh segments to form a parabolic surface. The ribs are
4318338 Louver structure March 9, 1982
Louver structures having horizontally disposed overlapped members, whereby in one disposition, the louver structure sheds precipitation at one of its sides, and in reversed inverted disposition, the louver structure sheds precipitation at the other of its sides, in said one disposition t
4305292 Methods and apparatus for balancing ceiling fan blades to improve their aerodynamic performance December 15, 1981
Method and apparatus for use in balancing the blades of ceiling fans, wherein the pitch angles of the blades and the dihedral angles of the blades are measured and corrected, if necessary, by use of a beam of light reflected from a mirror temporarily flushly affixed to each blade, and
4239459 Fan with adjustable legs for improving building heating and cooling December 16, 1980
Method and apparatus for improving building heating and cooling, wherein relatively cooler air is circulated upwardly from adjacent the floor of a room or other space. The upwardly projected relatively cooler air displaces relatively warmer air from the upper part of the room or space,
4178912 Solar heating system December 18, 1979
Solar heating system, wherein solar heating assemblies are adapted to form the roof of a structure. The solar heating assemblies may not occupy the entire surface area of a roof, but the upper sheathing elements of the solar heating assemblies may extend over the entire roof area so that
4177618 Method and apparatus for installing insulation December 11, 1979
Methods and apparatus for installing insulation, wherein insulation is delivered into vertical wall spaces formed between a permanent wall at one side and a plastic membrane at the other side, the permanent wall and the membrane being supported by vertical members such as studs. The memb
4136822 Apparatus and methods for controlling fan operation January 30, 1979
Apparatus and methods for controlling fan operation, wherein a temperature difference sensor senses inside and outside temperatures, and actuates switch devices so that fan operation is commenced when the interior temperature exceeds the exterior temperature by a predetermined amount.
4108580 Attic fans August 22, 1978
Attic fans of improved and economical design, wherein the blade hub, which in conventional attic fans is a cast hub is eliminated, and wherein the pulley on the blade shaft is eliminated.
4086028 Turbine ventilators and method of manufacture April 25, 1978
Rotary turbine ventilators, wherein the vanes are connected to the base ring of the rotary element by a crimping or swaging operation instead of by welding or riveting. The method of manufacturing the ventilators is particularly adapted to the manufacture of aluminum ventilators because
4051770 Ventilators for mobile homes, and the like October 4, 1977
Ventilators for mobile homes, and the like, particularly of the type which have an attic space beneath the roof and above the ceiling of the mobile home interior. The ventilator has an intermediate air intake for ventilation of the attic space, so that the ventilator may be used to v
4017026 Automatic damper April 12, 1977
Automatic damper having pivotal semi-circular vanes which are moved to open position by pivotal movement of a longitudinal element disposed along the central gap between the vanes. The movement of the longitudinal element is controlled by a temperature responsive element. Retraction of t
3985158 Box for mounting diffusers October 12, 1976
Box for mounting diffusers, wherein the main body of the box is made of expanded plastic or other similar material, and wherein one or more connection elements are molded within the walls of the box to provide for connection of the box to a building structure and to a duct, and to re
3977311 Louver fan assembly August 31, 1976
Louver fan assembly including a housing for mounting a fan at an angle in line with the slats of the louver. The invention also provides an improved design of louver for use with the housing and fan.
3952638 Fans for use with turbine ventilators, and methods and apparatus for supporting the same April 27, 1976
Fans for use with turbine ventilators and apparatus and methods for supporting the same, wherein the fan is supported spaced from the entrance to the turbine ventilator whereby aspiration increases the air flow through the ventilator.

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