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Espelage; Paul M.
Salem, VA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4823068 Cross tie for induction motor drive April 18, 1989
An induction motor drive having source and load side converters with individual control channels for the respective converters includes a cross tie arrangement between the channels for increased system stability.
4763059 Method and apparatus for induction motor drive August 9, 1988
An induction motor drive including a current source inverter system having controlled turn on and turn off semiconductors in a load side inverter selectively places notches in the waveshape of the current supplied to the parallel combination of the motor and a capacitor bank for the
4587474 Control for bumpless transfer of an AC motor between a solid-state inverter and a supply mains May 6, 1986
A power conditioner having a source and load converter each using a phase-locked loop to control their respective converter firings achieves synchronization with a supply mains by determining the phase error between supply mains and motor voltages by obtaining the instantaneous differenc
4565953 Twelve pulse AC motor drive January 21, 1986
A single microcomputer controls the firing time determination for two independent current regulators for two six pulse AC/DC converters which are part of a twelve pulse parallel controlled current inverter (CCI) AC motor drive. A very short high priority interrupt occurs when a motor
4562396 Phase-locked loop control of an induction motor drive December 31, 1985
A controlled current inverter (CCI) induction motor drive is controlled by controlling motor current and the angle between motor flux and motor current. The angle between motor flux and current is derived directly via a microcomputer phase-locked loop synchronized to the integrated motor
4539514 Start-up control for an induction motor drive September 3, 1985
A method of starting an AC motor from any initial speed using open loop control is provided. Sufficient current is provided to the motor so that motor flux can be developed. The frequency provided to the AC motor is varied and the stator frequency at which the motor peak flux occurs is
4481457 Method for providing adaptive control of variable speed AC motor drives November 6, 1984
A microprocessor based pulse-width modulated variable speed drive control system providing optimal switching angles based on minimizing r.m.s. current ripple. In addition, a closed loop double deadband control interacts with the optimal switching angles to insure close following of a
4475150 Coordinated load commutated inverter protection system October 2, 1984
A fault protective system for a load commutated inverter motor drive including an AC to DC source side converter coupled from an AC source to a DC to AC load side converter via a DC link circuit and wherein the load side converter supplies AC power of varying magnitude and frequency to t
4449087 Flux feedback firing control for a load commutated inverter May 15, 1984
A load commutated inverter synchronous motor drive system wherein a thyristor firing control of the inverter is determined by the amplitude of pesudo flux waveforms which are derived from the integral of the line voltages coupling the inverter to the motor being driven. A firing stra
4443747 Transitioning between multiple modes of inverter control in a load commutated inverter motor dri April 17, 1984
The load side converter or inverter in a load commutated inverter motor drive, including a source side AC to DC converter coupled to a DC to AC converter via a DC link circuit, is adapted to have at least three and preferably four modes of operation for bringing an AC motor load, and mor
4426611 Twelve pulse load commutated inverter drive system January 17, 1984
A control system for powering an AC load such as a polyphase synchronous motor having at least two sets of three phase (3.phi.) windings. Each three phase winding set is powered by an independently operable six pulse load commutated inverter drive including a source side converter and a
4399395 Line-to-line voltage reconstruction for synchronizing thyristor power converter August 16, 1983
The effect of commutation notches 35 appearing in the nominally sinusoidal alternating current (AC) line-to-line voltage, for example, v.sub.ab used to synchronize the firing of thyristors in three phase, phase-locked power converters 12 and 14 is essentially eliminated by reconstructing
4387421 Optimal and adaptive control of variable speed AC motor drives June 7, 1983
A microprocessor based pulse-width modulated variable speed drive control system providing optimal switching angles based on minimizing r.m.s. current ripple. In addition, a closed loop double deadband control interacts with the optimal switching angles to insure close following of a
4298831 Method and apparatus for operating a plurality of parallel coupled, arbitrarily loaded induction November 3, 1981
A plurality of arbitrarily loaded induction machines are operated from a single, controlled current inverter by regulating the amplitude of inverter output current in response to the average of the individual induction machine phase angles, the machine phase angle being the phase rel
4295086 Method and apparatus for dynamic braking in a motor control system October 13, 1981
A controlled current inverter motor control system including a controlled source of direct current for supplying a variable frequency inverter by way of a direct current link circuit which includes, within the link circuit, a selectively insertable dynamic braking resistive element. Upon
4290001 Closed loop, microcomputer controlled pulse width modulated inverter-induction machine drive sys September 15, 1981
Closed loop control of a pulse width modulated inverter-induction machine drive system is accomplished with a pair of microcomputers. The first microcomputer generates a periodic interrupt signal and a reference signal representative of the desired magnitude of a preselected induction ma

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