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El-Ibiary; Yehia
Simpsonville, SC
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7413054 Oil circulation retention system and method August 19, 2008
A bearing lubrication (oil circulation) system having a check valve configuration for preventing overflow of an oil reservoir or tank. The pressurized oil circulation system may comprise a pump that pressurizes oil from the tank and circulates the oil through a supply conduit to a be
7184902 Motor parameter estimation method and apparatus February 27, 2007
A system and method for establishing estimated values of electrical parameters of a motor. The electrical parameters may be established from motor databases, measured input electrical data, measured output data, and various estimations to account for unknown motor parameters. Compens
7164243 System and method for establishing motor efficiency during balanced or unbalanced operating cond January 16, 2007
A system and method for establishing a plurality of operating parameters of a multiphase motor. The plurality of electrical parameters may be established from stator resistance data and electrical input data. The system and method may be used to decompose the electrical input data into
7135830 System and method for identifying operational parameters of a motor November 14, 2006
A system and method for establishing estimated values of electrical parameters of a motor. The electrical parameters may be established from stator resistance data and motor data obtained at a single load on the motor. The electrical parameters also may be established without stator
6862538 Induction motor module and motor incorporating same March 1, 2005
A system and method for establishing estimated values of a plurality of electrical parameters of a motor. The plurality of electrical parameters may be established from stator resistance data and electrical input data obtained with no load on the motor. The plurality of electrical parame
6338281 Bearing apparatus having integrated load sensing arrangement January 15, 2002
A bearing apparatus having one or more integrated load sensors for determining the load imposed on a rotatable shaft. The bearing apparatus includes a bearing housing having a bearing set, such as a bearing insert, located therein. The load sensors are preferably configured as strain
6331823 Monitoring system for bearings December 18, 2001
A system for monitoring the operational status of a plurality of mechanical components, such as various bearings, speed reducers and the like. Each of the mechanical devices includes a respective local transmitter in electrical communication with various local sensors. Among the sensors
6323619 Condition monitoring and battery recharging system November 27, 2001
A system for monitoring a characteristic of a dynamic member is disclosed. The system includes a sensor device operative to sense the characteristic of the dynamic member and to generate a first signal in response to the sensed characteristic. A monitor is in communication with the senso
6237752 Method and apparatus for detecting a misaligned conveyor May 29, 2001
A misaligned conveyor belt detection assembly is provided to determine when a conveyor has become misaligned. Specifically, a conveyor belt is placed in contact with a contact apparatus that produces indications, such as heat and/or vibration that, when measured, are compared to correspo
5899321 Take-up frame assembly for placing a conveyor under constant tension May 4, 1999
The present invention is generally directed to a take-up frame assembly that is adapted to maintain a conveyor belt under constant tension. The take-up frame assembly, in one embodiment, can include a fluid cylinder having a retractable piston. The piston is interconnected with a bearing
5844501 Speed reducer including temperature sensing device December 1, 1998
An improved speed reducer having a temperature sensing device electrically connectible to an external monitoring device. The temperature sensing device is supported by the speed reducer housing and extends at least partially into the speed reducer interior area to a predetermined loc
5746452 Bearing assembly having integrated speed sensor May 5, 1998
An improved bearing apparatus including a housing having a bearing assembly contained therein. A sensor device is mounted to the housing for detecting the rotational rate of the shaft. The sensor device may be configured as a magnetic-type sensor operative to sense variations in magnetic
5733048 Bearing system including lubricant circulation apparatus March 31, 1998
A bearing system includes a lubricant circulation apparatus to provide a continuous supply of lubricant fluid to a bearing device. The bearing device may be a hydrodynamic sleeve bearing having a bearing housing defining a sump for maintaining lubricant fluid therein. An oil ring may

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