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Droz; Francois
La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8127997 Method for mounting an electronic component on a substrate March 6, 2012
This invention proposes a manufacturing process for a transponder in the form of a card or a label able to resist to flexions or twisting without interrupting the connections of the electronic components. The process of assembling at least one electronic component including sensibly flat
7710732 Electronic module comprising an element exposed on one surface and method for making same May 4, 2010
A manufacturing method and an electronic module manufactured according to the method including an assembly with two insulating sheets and an electronic element. A first insulating sheet constituting one of the faces of the module including at least one window in which the electronic
6206291 Flat card having internal relief and incorporating at least one electronic element March 27, 2001
A card (1) including a lower layer (2) and a layer (4) of solidified binder (6) in which various elements are incorporated, in particular a coil (12) electrically coupled to an electronic unit (8). The coil (12) exhibits a lower planar surface (30), the inner face (20) of the lower layer
5895235 Process for manufacturing transponders of small dimensions April 20, 1999
A device, notably a transponder, comprising an electronic arrangement and a coating formed by an envelope defining a pocket and by a solidified binding in which is embedded the electronic arrangement. The envelope presents an opening having served for the introduction of the electronic
4650077 Portable display case for timepieces, jewels, costume jewelry and like articles March 17, 1987
This display case includes a base on which may be arranged a tray of elastic material sufficiently rigid to define, by means of ribs, cells for the storage of the articles to be displayed. When the tray is within the base and the ribs upwardly disposed the display case is set up for
4560133 Display unit for jewelry articles December 24, 1985
A display unit for jewelry articles of substantially circular shape is disclosed comprising a small plate which is fabricated with a band or strip. This band is cut out from a strip of flexible material possessing good elasticity. At the small plate there is formed an opening or slot or

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