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Dehaene; Wim
Kessel-Lo, BE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8081101 Analog-to-digital converter using oscillators December 20, 2011
An apparatus is provided which has a first analog input and a second analog input. In a particular implementation, the first analog input is coupled to a first controllable oscillator and the second analog input is coupled to a second controllable oscillator. First and second digital
7859442 Asynchronous sigma delta analog to digital converter using a time to digital converter December 28, 2010
This disclosure relates to analog to digital conversion using irregular sampling.
7751270 Memory device with reduced standby power consumption and method for operating same July 6, 2010
Disclosed herein are memory devices comprising a plurality of memory cells to which a standby voltage is to be supplied during standby mode to avoid loss of data, and methods of operating said memory devices, the methods comprising: (a) determining an actual value of a bit integrity para
7696740 EMI suppressing regulator April 13, 2010
A regulator circuit receives a power supply and provides a regulated power supply output suitable for integrated circuitry. It has a controllable current source circuit, a controller and a capacitor, such that an output of the controllable current source circuit can provide a lower frequ
7629916 Multiple output time-to-digital converter December 8, 2009
A multiple output time-to-digital converter (TDC) and an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) incorporating the multiple output TDC is disclosed.
7286617 Methods and apparatus for synchronization of training sequences October 23, 2007
A receiver and a method for receiving a signal including a carrier modulated with a known training sequence is described in which an estimate a carrier frequency offset is obtained from an autocorrelation signal by autocorrelation of the part of the received signal containing a known

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