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Dalibard; Gerard
Sevres, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4476206 Fiber reinforced grid for a storage cell, and method of manufacturing it October 9, 1984
A grid (10) for the plate of an electrical storage cell, eg. a lead-acid accumulator, comprises two orthogonal sets of conductive bars (7, 8) together with a current collector tab (9). The grid is made from a loosely-woven cloth comprising both bundles of conductive threads outlining
4443405 Lead-antimony alloys for electrode supports for lead accumulators April 17, 1984
The grain size and resistance to corrosion of lead-antimony alloys containing less than 4% of antimony and 0.005 to 0.1% copper, are improved by incorporating therein from 0.001 to 0.1% of a mixture of rare earths, preferably misch metal. The alloys may also contain up to 0.5% arsenic or
4253871 Alloys for making electrode supports in lead accumulators March 3, 1981
Low antimony alloys of lead are used for casting electrode supports in lead accumulators. They include less than 4% antimony by weight to avoid various poisoning effects of antimony on the electrochemical processes involved. Such alloys tend to have grains of excessive size which can lea
4131723 Lead storage battery with limited evolution of gas December 26, 1978
A maintenance-free lead storage battery comprises a container closed by a lid and containing an acid electrolyte together with a block of positive plates, negative plates and separators. The block of plates and separators is tightly packed in a case which is immersed in the electrolyte a

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