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Dailey; George F.
Pittsburgh, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8245386 Set of tools for removing a coil from a core slot of a dynamoelectric machine August 21, 2012
A set of tools for removing a half turn of a coil from a slot of a dynamoelectric machine. The set of tools includes a coil cutting tool for cutting the coil, an upending tool that grips the coil at an end of the coil where the coil was cut and hydraulically or pneumatically lifts the
7871064 Repair fixture January 18, 2011
A repair fixture for supporting large cylindrical objects such as a generator rotor, to facilitate field maintenance operations. The fixture has two spaced Vee-blocks that are supported by and moved within vertical channels formed within peripheral stanchions. Clevises are rotatably
7861404 Method for removing the endplate of an electric generator January 4, 2011
A method and apparatus for compressing the endplate of an electric generator to relieve the restraining force on a plurality of key blocks that restrain the endplate in compression. The method includes simultaneously applying independent compressive loads at each of the key block loc
7818872 Method for removing a half turn of a coil from a slot of a dynamoelectric machine October 26, 2010
A method and apparatus which quickly clamps onto the copper strand bundle in the slot of a dynamoelectric machine and rips out the coil from the slot one axial position at a time. As the copper bundle is ripped from the slot the tooling moves along the slot from one end to the other.
7653986 Horizontal assembly of stator core using keybar extensions February 2, 2010
The present invention provides an apparatus for the horizontal stacking of laminations 10 and donuts to form a stator core. A stator generator frame 2 has multiple keybars 6 that run the axial length of the frame. The laminations 10 have grooves 12 there-in that engage the keybars to
7302754 Horizontal assembly of stator core using a central rail structure December 4, 2007
The present invention provides for a method and apparatus of horizontally stacking a stator core. A central rail structure 34 that runs down approximately the center axis of the stator frame 2, and attached to the central rail structure are adjustable supports 40 that hold the central
7239149 Search coil mount for facilitating inspection of a generator rotor in situ July 3, 2007
A mount is for installing a probe, such as for example, a search coil, in a variety of locations and orientations within an electrical generator, without requiring the rotor of the generator to be removed. The mount includes a block having a longitudinal hole and a plurality of transvers
7223920 Through-bolt insulating boot May 29, 2007
The present invention provides for an insulating boot 20 for ends of through-bolts 12 in electric generators that comprises a shaped insulating boot. The boot has an inner surface and an outer surface and an opening, where the inner surface is substantially free of protrusions. The i
7098560 Flux probe for electric generator August 29, 2006
A flux probe (100) for measuring the rotor flux of an electric generator (10). The probe (100) is affixed to a probe carrier (102) and held within a stator coil slot (62) by affixing the carrier (102) to two opposing grooves (104) formed in sidewalls (81) of the slot (62). One or more
6876222 Automated stator insulation flaw inspection tool and method of operation April 5, 2005
An automated tool for performing an EL CID inspection of the step iron region of a generator stator that can be employed with the rotor in place. The tool has a track that is axially cantilevered at one end and supported magnetically within a stator slot adjacent the region to be monitor
6619109 Steam turbine inlet bell seal inspection apparatus and method September 16, 2003
An inspection apparatus (40) for in-situ leak testing of the bell seal (30) of a steam turbine (10). The apparatus includes a pair of inflatable bladders (48,52) for defining a sealed volume having the bell seal (30) as its only leakage path. The mass flow rate of pressurized air (70) at
6487922 Steam turbine inlet sleeve inspection apparatus and method December 3, 2002
An inspection apparatus (40) for remote inspection of the trepan radius area (34) of the inlet sleeve (24) of a steam turbine (10). The apparatus (40) provides a sealed volume (50) between a pair of inflatable bladders (46,48) for the introduction of a liquid couplant for the immersion o
5760371 Water-cooled stator coil header repair process June 2, 1998
A process is disclosed for repairing leaks in turbine generators that have water cooled stator coils with hollow conductor strands. Such generators have a tendency to leak where the stator coil joins a header. Once a leak is detected the repair is accomplished by following the steps off
5557216 System and method for testing electrical generators September 17, 1996
A system and method for testing an electrical generator of the type having a rotor (14) and a stator (12) includes or utilizes a movable carriage (22) having testing equipment which is sized to fit between the rotor (14) and stator (12) and is positionable over a selected stator (12) slo
5528827 Method and device for installing a header cap on a water header of a stator coil June 25, 1996
A method for installing a header cap on a water header both positioned on a stator coil. The method includes the steps of creating a generally smooth surface on the water header for providing a mating surface on the water header. A seal is interposed between the mating surface of the wat
5493894 System and method for impact testing wedge tightness in an electrical generator February 27, 1996
An improved apparatus for impact testing stator wedge tightness in an electrical generator includes a base assembly that has a vibration sensor mounted thereon and is adapted to temporarily attached to a stator core lamination in an electrical generator, an impact assembly for creating a
4114059 Grooved visco seal for stationary discharge chamber of water-cooled turbine generator September 12, 1978
A discharge chamber seal arrangement for a water cooled turbine generator rotor. The discharge chamber seal arrangement comprises a gland seal operable during high speed operation of the rotor and a contact seal operable during low rotor speed and at standstill. Helical grooves located

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