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Cross; Leslie E.
State College, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6020674 Torsional electrostrictive actuators February 1, 2000
A torsional actuator includes a plurality of segments, each segment having a substantially rectangular shape. Each segment is comprised of an electroactive material that is poled along an elongated dimension of the rectangular shape. The segments are arranged side-by-side, with adjacent
5293094 Miniature actuator March 8, 1994
A ferroelectric motor comprises a single layer of ferroelectric material electrically excited by an array of electrical contacts and an electrical excitation source for supplying phased electrical signals to the contacts thereby creating a travelling wave of mechanical deformation in the
5142186 Single crystal domain driven bender actuator August 25, 1992
A single crystal bender actuator for selectively positioning a movable precision optical or acoustical component is described which comprises a single crystal of barium titanate, barium strontium titanate, barium lead titanate, potassium niobate tantalate, lead titanate-lead magnesium
4994672 Pyro-optic detector and imager February 19, 1991
An infrared imaging system is described which includes a pyro-optic sensor for receiving a thermal image on one of its sides, the sensor exhibiting a substantial change in refractive index in responses to changes in its temperature. A light beam is projected onto a second side of the sen
4977547 Method of detecting sound in water using piezoelectric-polymer composites with 0-3 connectivity December 11, 1990
A hydrophone device is provided with a piezoelectric ceramic-polymer composite of 0-3 connectivity in which the piezoelectric filler comprises a solid solution of PBTiO.sub.3 -BiFeO.sub.3 wherein the solid solution contains 50-80 wt. % of the BiFeO.sub.3. The piezoelectric ceramic-polyme
4761711 Barrier layer ceramic dielectric capacitor containing barium plumbate August 2, 1988
A barrier layer ceramic capacitor and a method of making the same, using barium plumbate or modified barium plumbate as the base material. The fabricating process is a one step process requiring a maximum sintering temperature of C.
4648991 Pyroelectric crystals with high figures of merit March 10, 1987
Pyroelectric crystals having relatively high figures of merit (p/K) of the order of 1.8 or more are provided. They are preferably prepared by doping alanine substituted triglycine sulfate crystals with phosphorous and/or arsenic.
4624796 Piezoelectric filler and flexible piezoelectric composites November 25, 1986
A piezoelectric ceramic powder comprises a solid solution of PbTiO.sub.3 and BiFeO.sub.3 wherein a portion of the iron content is replaced with manganese. A piezoelectric ceramic-polymer composite of 0-3 connectivity is disclosed using as the piezoelectric filler the manganese-doped soli
4515534 Miniature solid-state gas compressor May 7, 1985
A miniature apparatus for compressing gases is disclosed in which an elastomer disposed between two opposing electrostrictive or piezoelectric ceramic blocks, or between a single electrostrictive or piezoelectric ceramic block and a rigid surface, is caused to extrude into or recede
4485321 Broad bandwidth composite transducers November 27, 1984
A broad bandwidth electro-mechanical transducer is shaped into a wedge of varying thickness, with a plurality of PZT elements or sheets embedded in an inactive polymer. The transducer is driven at frequencies corresponding to resonance of the thickness dimensions. The piezoelectric eleme
4422003 Perforated PZT polymer composites December 20, 1983
Composites of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and inactive polymers with 3-1 and 3-2 patterns and a method of fabrication thereof are described. Fabrication is accomplished by drilling holes in sintered PZT blocks and filling the holes with epoxy or some other inactive polymer. The influen
4412148 PZT Composite and a fabrication method thereof October 25, 1983
A composite of PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate) and a compliant polymer matrix aving 3-1 connectivity (i.e., in a diphasic material, one of the two phases is continuously self-connected in all three mutually perpendicular directions and the second phase is self-connected only along one of th
4227111 Flexible piezoelectric composite transducers October 7, 1980
A flexible, low-density piezoelectric transducer utilizing a PZT-polymer posite that is formed with the two phases three-dimensionally interpenetrant. The ceramic PZT microstructure, which is produced by a replication process that in one embodiment reproduces the structure of a cora
4109359 Method of making ferroelectric crystals having tailored domain patterns August 29, 1978
Ferroelectric crystals and ceramics prepared with tailored domain patterns hich are selected to enhance or suppress certain modes of vibration which may include those normally unattainable such as, for example, second harmonics.
4027074 Process for producing ferroelectric crystalline material May 31, 1977
Lead germanate, Pb.sub.5 Ge.sub.3 O.sub.11, or lead germanate/silicate in which up to 2/3 on a molar basis of the germanium has been substituted with silicon, can be formed from a glassy state to a ferroelectric state by a simple annealing process. The lead germanate or lead germanat
4001102 Process for generating periodic non-uniform electric field, and for removing polarizable particu January 4, 1977
Polarizable particulate material, such as organic and inorganic colloidal particles such as small pieces of metal, oxides and the like, zwitterionic molecules, and even living organisms and viruses can be preferentially removed from a liquid by dielectrophoresis, by passing the liquid
3930982 Ferroelectric apparatus for dielectrophoresis particle extraction January 6, 1976
Polarizable particulate material, such as organic and inorganic colloidal particles such as small pieces of metal, oxides and the like, zwitterionic molecules, and even living organisms and viruses can be preferentially removed from a liquid by dielectrophoresis, by passing the liquid

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