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Correns; Nico
Weimar, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8111396 Spectrometric measurement system and method for compensating for veiling glare February 7, 2012
The present solution is directed to a measuring system and a method for determining spectrometric measurement results with high accuracy. The spectrometric measuring system, comprises a radiation source, an entrance slit, a dispersion element, and a detector with detector elements ar
8102526 Spectrometer with a slit for incident light and fabrication of the slit January 24, 2012
A spectrometer including an entrance slit and the production of the entrance slit. The spectrometer includes a housing, an entrance slit, and an imaging diffraction grating inside the housing for splitting and imaging the light onto an optoelectric detector. The detector is arranged
7804588 Measuring device for optical and spectroscopic examination of a sample September 28, 2010
A measuring device for optical and spectroscopic examination of a sample includes a housing, a first light source, a window, an optical spectrometer with a dispersive element and a number of detector elements and which can record light from the first light source which is indirectly
7692790 Grating spectrometer system and method for the acquisition of measured values April 6, 2010
The present invention is directed to a grating spectrometer system for polychromator spectrometer arrangements and monochromator spectrometer arrangements. The grating spectrometer system, according to the invention, comprises a light source for illuminating the sample to be analyzed
7671984 Spectrometric measuring probe and method for recalibrating the same March 2, 2010
An arrangement for measuring the diffuse reflection of samples and a method for internal recalibration of the measuring head. The spectrometric measuring head with a device for recalibration comprises a housing which is provided with a window and which contains an illumination source
7502108 Assembly and method for identifying coatings lying on the surface of components and for determin March 10, 2009
The invention is directed to an arrangement for detecting coatings which are arranged on surfaces of structural component parts or objects and for determining the chemical characteristics and surface properties of these coatings. It comprises a light source for illuminating the coating t
7430845 Harvesting machine with a measuring device for capturing the throughput of collected crop materi October 7, 2008
A harvesting machine includes a measuring device for capturing the throughput of collected material. The measuring device has a measuring surface which acts together with the crop material and is supported movably at a support point in such a manner that its position depends on the t
7369228 Compact spectrometer May 6, 2008
The present invention is directed to a spectrometer in which the electrical and optical components are connected to one another in a compact construction. A minimal expenditure on assembly and adjustment is achieved through a small quantity of individual parts. The compact spectromet
7265831 Spectrometric measuring head for harvesting machines and other equipment used in agriculture September 4, 2007
A spectrometric measuring head for harvesting machines and other agricultural equipment comprises a housing with a window, in which a light source, a spectrometer arrangement and at least two standards for internal recalibration are provided. The standards can optionally be swiveled
7082003 Pressure compensating device for optical apparatus July 25, 2006
In order to provide an arrangement for pressure compensation for optical devices, particularly spectrometers or the like optical devices, for compensating pressure differences caused by changes in temperature and air pressure between the internal pressure and the external pressure at a
6888637 Gas sample vessel for a gas analyzer May 3, 2005
A gas sample vessel for a gas analyzer comprising a housing enclosing a cylindrical resonator cavity. Two mirrors which limit the resonator cavity are fastened to the housing for coupling in and feeding back the measurement light proceeding from an illumination source. The mirrors are
6762409 Method and device for determining the thickness and growth rate of an ice layer July 13, 2004
A method and a device are disclosed for determining the thickness and growth rate of an ice layer on structural component parts, particularly of aircraft, wherein the thickness and growth rate of an ice layer are determined and displayed in a simple, economical and dependable manner. To
6654186 Arrangement for fixing an optical component part November 25, 2003
An arrangement for fixing an optical component part in position in a device housing, comprising a holder which is connected to a housing and which presses the component part into a cutout in the housing accompanied by pretensioning. The holder is fashioned in one piece from elastic mater
6141884 Instrument for measuring coordinates November 7, 2000
A coordinate measurement device with an optical sensing system for non-contact sensing of structures and edges of measurement objects 4 comprises a CCD camera with an objective and CCD matrix on which the measurement object is imaged, wherein the distance between the objective and th
5841207 Modular two-coordinate planar motor November 24, 1998
A modular planar motor having (a) a mounting plate which has (i) a plurality of openings therein each having an interior surface, (ii) a housing, (iii) a surrounding ridge, and (iv) an undersurface, (b) a superstructure over the mounting plate, and (c) a plurality of modular componen
5664318 Process and arrangement for determining reference positions for planar hybrid stepper motors September 9, 1997
A process and an arrangement are described for determining reference positions for planar hybrid stepper motors having a stator which is provided with a structure and a rotor which is supported thereon in air bearings. The process includes the following steps: The rotor is set down o

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