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Cook; Phillip M.
Kingsport, TN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6752983 Hair spray and consumer sprays with reduced volatile organic compounds June 22, 2004
A consumer article comprising a hand-held spray container, and a sprayable composition contained within the spray container comprising ethanol or isopropanol and methyl acetate or t-butyl acetate, a hair care composition comprising a fixative, ethanol, and methyl acetate or t-butyl aceta
6592913 Crosslinked branched polyesters July 15, 2003
A gum base comprising a crosslinked branched polyester gel prepared from the process comprising: a) providing a first pre-gel composition having carboxyl end groups; b) providing a second pre-gel composition having hydroxyl end groups; c) removing either or both of the first and second
6469129 Process for crosslinked branched polyesters October 22, 2002
A process for making a crosslinked branched polyester gel from at least two pregel compositions comprising: a) reacting precursor repeat units formed from (1) at least one polyol having three or more hydroxyl groups or esters thereof, (2) at least one aliphatic or aromatic polyfunctio
6441126 Branched aliphatic polyesters August 27, 2002
A gum base comprising at least one crosslinked branched aliphatic biodegradable polyester comprising repeat units formed from at least one polyol having three to four hydroxy groups, or ester thereof, at least one dibasic acid, or ester thereof, and at least one long chain monocarboxylic
5182379 Acid-curable cellulose esters containing melamine pendent groups January 26, 1993
Modified cellulose esters are described that are prepared by grafting melamine moieties onto the backbone of cellulose esters. The resulting materials are useful in coating applications for wood, leather, and metal substrates and yield highly solvent-resistant coatings with enhanced
5138006 Radiation polymerizable starch ester-urethanes August 11, 1992
Modified starch ester-urethanes prepared by reacting a starch ester containing residual hydroxyl groups with an ethylenically unsaturated isocyanate. The grafted starch ester is a urethane-containing product having pendent groups such as alphamethylstyrene and/or methacrylate moietie
5082914 Grafted cellulose esters containing a silicon moiety January 21, 1992
The invention describes the preparation and use of cellulose esters grafted with silicon-containing thiol pendent groups which can serve as crosslinking agents during free radical polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated materials. The grafted cellulose esters provide a crosslinked
5010156 Organosolv lignin-modified phenolic resins and method for their preparation April 23, 1991
A lignin-modified phenol-formaldehyde resin for use as an adhesive for particulate wood products is disclosed which is prepared by reacting phenol and formaldehyde with an aqueous alkaline solution of an organosolv lignin. The organosolv lignin used in the formation of the resin is o
4839230 Radiation-polymerizable cellulose esters June 13, 1989
The present invention relates to a grafted cellulose ester prepared by reacting a cellulose ester containing residual hydroxyl groups with an acrylic based compound and m-isopropenyl-.alpha.,.alpha.'-dimethylbenzyl isocyanate. The grafted cellulose ester is a urethane-containing product

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