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Comings; David E.
Duarte, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8034794 Methods and compositions for acid phosphatase-1 gene inhibition October 11, 2011
The ACP1 *A allele provides a means for diagnosing susceptibility of a human subject to hyperlipidemia, especially hyperlipidemia associated with metabolic syndrome, a means for treating, or preventing the onset of, hyperlipidemia and metabolic syndrome, and a means for screening and
6869768 Association between the acid phosphatase (ACP1) gene and Alzheimer's disease March 22, 2005
Alzheimer's disease is characterized by the presence of senile plaques formed from beta amyloid (A.beta.), and neurofibrillary tangles (NTFs) formed from paired helical filaments consisting of hyperphosphorylated tau. A number of studies have shown that the NTFs correlate better with
6743589 Association of the muscarinic cholinergic 2 receptor (CHRM2) gene with major depression in women June 1, 2004
The present invention relates to the observation that women having an A.fwdarw.T 1890 polymorphism in the 3' UTR of the cholinergic muscarinic receptor 2 (CHRM2) gene have an increased risk for developing major depression. The present invention provides diagnostic, screening and ther
6660476 Polymorphisms in the PNMT gene December 9, 2003
The present invention is directed to two single nucleotide polymorphisms, identified as G-182A and G-387A, in the promoter region of the human phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT) gene, the gene products thereof, and to methods for the determination (diagnosis) of susceptibi
6653073 Association of the serotonin transport (HTT) gene with cardiovascular disease and longevity November 25, 2003
Disclosed are methods for screening subjects to determine their risk for developing cardiovascular disease, screening methods to determine potential longevity, therapeutic methods and compositions for treating patients at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and screening meth
6395488 Cholecystokinin (CCK) gene as a risk factor for smoking in women May 28, 2002
The present invention is directed to the C-45T polymorphism in the Sp1 binding region of the CCK gene and the role of genetic variants in the CCK gene as a risk factor for smoking and/or unsuccessful smoking cessation in women. In particular, the invention is directed to a method for dia
5405943 Tourette syndrom, autism and associated behaviors April 11, 1995
The human tryptophan oxygenase gene sequence and chromosomal location are described. Procedures for the diagnosis of genetic Tourette syndrome and many psychiatric and behavioral disorders by genetic tests to identify deletions or defective alleles in the human tryptophan oxygenase (TO)
5260196 Method for the diagnosis of Tourette syndrome and associated disorders November 9, 1993
Differences in the rate of kynurenine formation in the lysates of red blood cells of a patient suspected of having Tourette syndrome, Tourette syndrome associated disorders or Tourette spectrum disorders and of a control are used for the diagnosis of such disorders.

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