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Cohen; Beri
White Plains, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5206159 Polymer particles containing colloidal iron oxide granules for use as a magnetically responsive April 27, 1993
Substantially spherical polymer particles containing a colloidally, stably and uniformly dispersed magnetically responsive substance of about 5 nm to about 500 nm in diameter provide a superparamagnetic reagent carrier. Preferably, the polymer particles have a hydrated diameter of about
4619795 Method for preparing lipid vesicles October 28, 1986
A method for forming vesicles is described, wherein a lipid coating is formed onto a deformable surface. During hydration, the lipid coating is fragmented by deformation of the surface. The resulting fragments of the lipid coating are dispersed in the hydrating medium, so as to be subjec

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