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Cobaugh; Robert F.
Elizabethtown, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4781602 Elastomeric supplement for cantilever beams November 1, 1988
The invention relates to the forces generated in the cantilever beam type contacts by deflecting pins or leads. More particularly, the invention teaches associating the cantilever beam with an elastomer which supplements the beam's capability of exerting force due to being deflected.
4743081 Contact element May 10, 1988
The present invention relates to the compliant section on contact elements which are received in plated through holes in printed circuit boards and are structured to hold such elements therein without soldering. More particularly, the invention discloses an improved structure relative to
4636021 High density ZIF card edge connector January 13, 1987
The present invention relates to a card edge connector having means so that a circuit card may be freely inserted into and withdrawn therefrom. The connector includes an upper housing slidably mounted on cam means so that upon the upper housing being slid vertically upwardly, contact ele
4586772 Improved card edge connector May 6, 1986
The present invention discloses a contact element for use in card edge connectors on which the contact surface is located at the free end of the cantilever beam and includes a sharp spherical radius.
4579411 Latch system for ZIF card edge connectors April 1, 1986
The present invention relates to card-latching systems on zero insertion force card edge connectors. More particularly, the latching system includes spring members having the lower ends thereof secured to the lower housing of the connector at each end of the card edge receiving slot and
4477138 Card biasing device for card edge connectors October 16, 1984
The invention disclosed herein relates to a biasing means provided in one end of a card-receiving slot of a card edge connector. The biasing means includes a spring loaded wedge slidably positioned in a sloping passage at one end of the slot. The wedge includes a vertical surface which e
4392705 Zero insertion force connector system July 12, 1983
The present invention relates to a connector system for electrically connecting a circuit card to a circuit board. More particularly the connector system includes an upper card-carrying member mated into a lower board mounted member without requiring insertion forces. Cam means on the
4384757 Terminal for connecting a ceramic chip to a printed circuit board May 24, 1983
The present invention relates to a terminal which may be attached to a ceramic chip or other type substrate and which may be plugged into a PCB and thereby provide electrical connections between the substrate and the conductive traces on the board. More particularly, the terminal include
4362353 Contact clip for connecting a ceramic substrate to a printed circuit board December 7, 1982
The present invention relates to a contact clip which may be attached to a ceramic or other type substrate and which may be plugged into a PCB and thereby provide electrical connections between the substrate and the conductive traces on the board. More particularly, the clip includes a
4349237 Guide system for card edge connectors September 14, 1982
The present invention relates to a connector into which a printed circuit board or card may be inserted and card guides associated with the connectors which guide and support the inserted card. More particularly, the connector consists of two housings having a common center card-rece
4332431 Preassembled electrical connector June 1, 1982
A zero insertion force (ZIF) connector is preassembled with electrical terminals in a dielectric housing. The housing is molded with integral features that facilitate snap on assembly of a camming mechanism for the terminals. A multiblade insertion tool enters the housing to register wit
4331370 Connection system for printed circuit boards May 25, 1982
The present invention relates to a system for providing input-output paths to and from a densely crowded multi-lager PCB (printed circuit board). More particularly the invention includes a pair of modules having a plurality of spaced conductive members extending normally therethrough and
4288139 Trifurcated card edge terminal September 8, 1981
A card edge terminal is provided with a longitudinally trifurcated portion defining a resilient beam which presses against a circuit card and provides a wiping action of its contact surface along the card. The wiping action will tend to clean away debris and contaminants.
4274693 Snap on card straightener June 23, 1981
A unitary, molded card straightener is selectively mounted along the mouth of a card edge connector. The straightener funnels the card edge toward the mouth of the card edge connector and impinges against the side of the card prior to entry thereof into the connector, so that warpage in
4220390 Terminating means for terminating more than one wire in a single slotted terminal September 2, 1980
A terminal is disclosed of the type in which a conductor is terminated by moving the conductor transversely of its axis into a slotted opening having a width less than the diameter of the wire. The terminal comprises two metal plates which pivot transversely of each other and which have
4186982 Contact with split portion for engagement with substrate February 5, 1980
A contact for use in printed circuit boards in which a portion thereof is split or sheared to form at least a pair of legs for insertion into an aperture in said circuit board with the adjacent legs each having a surface which face and abut each other in the shear plane therebetween and
4164362 Modular card cage with multiple power bus bar means August 14, 1979
A card cage for holding printed circuit cards comprising modular cage elements each having a pair of parallel slots formed therein and spaced apart a distance to slidably receive the edges of a printed circuit card and to retain said card therein. The said modular elements are stacked
4133592 Stacked printed circuit boards and circuit board system January 9, 1979
The disclosure relates to electrical connectors positioned between adjacent printed circuit boards for interconnection therebetween. The terminal arrangements on each printed circuit board are predesigned for compatibility with the connector to be used.In accordance with the first embodi
4087906 Method of selectively applying solder onto conductors May 9, 1978
An electrical terminal structure is disclosed which is provided with a flow deposited quantity or band of solder adhered to a selected portion of the terminal and limited from spreading over the surface of the terminal by the presence of a solder-nonwettable material adjacent to but not

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