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Choi; Sangsung
Daejeon, KR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8565206 Body communication system, media access control bridge, bridge apparatus, and operating method o October 22, 2013
A human body communication system is disclosed, which includes a plurality of intra-body communication apparatuses, a plurality of extra-body communication apparatuses, a bridge apparatus, and an access point. The bridge apparatus manages connections between the intra-body communicat
8300676 Apparatus and method for communication October 30, 2012
A communication apparatus generates a digital detection signal including a plurality of time symbols by digital-converting a detection signal corresponding to a received signal, estimates an average power value of the detection signal by calculating average power of the digital detec
8243624 Routing table generation, data transmission and routing route formation method for multi-hop ser August 14, 2012
Provided are a routing table generating method, a data transmission method, and a routing route formation method for multi-hop communication in high rate wireless personal networks. In a high rate WPAN environment including a plurality of piconets, a piconet controller (PNC), which p
8165254 Apparatus and method for receiving signal for extent limitation of timing synchronization in MB- April 24, 2012
The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for receiving signal for extent of timing synchronization in MB-OFDM UWB System. The invention divides the digital samples completed of sampling twice as much as minimum sampling clock required to restore the MB-OFDM received sig
8134948 Resource allocation method and apparatus in distributed MAC for wireless personal area networks March 13, 2012
A method for allocating distributed Medium Access Control (MAC) resources in a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) includes calculating an acknowledgement overhead; calculating a Medium Access Slot (MAS) overhead depending on a payload length of a frame; calculating a transfer rate;
8059626 Optimum resource allocation method and system in medium access control of distribute scheme in w November 15, 2011
Provided is an optimum resource allocation method in distributed medium access control in a wireless personal area network, including: defining needed parameters in advance; calculating an overhead AckOverhead needed for an acknowledgement policy and calculating an overhead MasOverhead
8013651 Signal converter for wireless communication and receiving device using the same September 6, 2011
The present invention relates to a signal converting device and receiving device in a wireless communication system. The receiving device of the wireless communication system includes a differential signal converter for receiving a single ended radio frequency signal and converting it
8000397 Method and apparatus for acquiring OFDM synchronization August 16, 2011
Provided is a method and apparatus for acquiring OFDM synchronization even when it fails to detect a plurality of symbols at an initial stage. In the method, a frequency is adjusted to a first frequency band and a cross correlation value between a received preamble symbol and a preset
7953199 Synchronization error tracking device and method thereof May 31, 2011
Provided is a synchronization error tracking device and method. The method and system estimates and corrects the synchronization error generated by time and frequency offsets during the data transmission interval and uses a module designed for initial synchronization or channel estim
7831649 Method for transforming data by look-up table November 9, 2010
Provided is a method for transforming data using a look-up table. The method includes the steps of: (a) mapping pre-processed input binary data to a constellation diagram divided into four quadrants to output a first complex number; (b) performing addition/subtraction operations between
7821349 Cascode amplifier and differential cascode voltage-controlled oscillator using the same October 26, 2010
Provided is a differential cascode voltage-controlled oscillator that can reduce a phase noise by the use of a quality factor enhancement technique with negative conductance and can mitigate a ground-caused noise effect by the use of a cascode connection technique. The differential casco
7760689 Method and apparatus for generating link quality indicator information in MB-OFDM UWB system July 20, 2010
It is possible to intuitively determine whether to control transmission power of a current data transmission rate mode or to change the data transmission rate mode by extracting an automatic gain controller (AGC) index after driving algorithm of an AGC, recognizing a channel clear as
7693924 2N-point and N-point FFT/IFFT dual mode processor April 6, 2010
A 2N-point and N-point FFT/IFFT dual mode processor is provided. The processor includes a butterfly operator, the first and second MUXs, and the first and second N-point FFT processors. The butterfly operator receives 2N data and butterfly-operates on the received 2N data when receiv
7624214 Resource allocation method in a PCA period of MBOA MAC November 24, 2009
A resource allocation method for performing resource competition between protocols based on a protocol in a home network environment using multiple protocols is provided. In the resource allocation method, a request of using a resource is received from an external device. An AIFS val

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