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Chiba; Hiromasa
Chibaken, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4550144 Propylene-ethylene copolymers for high-rigidity molded products and process for producing the sa October 29, 1985
A propylene-ethylene block copolymer from which molded products having high rigidity and superior high-impact properties can be prepared even without adding any particular additive, is provided, which copolymer is obtained by (i) polymerizing propylene in 70 to 95 weight % based on the t
4522994 Polypropylene resin for high-rigidity molded products June 11, 1985
A polypropylene resin from which high-rigidity molded products can be produced even when no particular additive is added, is provided, which resin has a melt rate of 0.1 to 100, a density of 0.905 to 0.936, and a boiling n-heptane-insoluble part whose isotactic pentad ratio (P.sub.o) is
4500682 High melt-viscoelastic polypropylene for post-processed sheets and for blow molding February 19, 1985
A polypropylene (PP) having a superior post-processability and blow moldability is provided, which PP is obtained by polymerizing propylene at multiple stages using a catalyst comprising a TiCl.sub.3 composition, an organoaluminum compound and a molecular weight (M.W.) modifier, the

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