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Cherry; Isaac R.
Mission Viejo, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE29921 Electrocardiographic computer February 27, 1979
A multi-speed ECG magnetic tape scanning device for processing and observing in a relatively short interval of time large quantities of ECG signals from two pairs of ECG leads. The ECG information is recorded on a miniature recorder which the patient carries to record the information for
D276517 Tape deck top and carrying case base for a tape recorder November 27, 1984
D267798 Tape cartridge February 1, 1983
5701894 Modular physiological computer-recorder December 30, 1997
An ambulatory physiological computer recorder that includes multiple selective plug and play signal input conditioners, a microprocessor system with operating and analyzing software and a removable memory module for data storage. The removable memory module may consist of any non-volatil
5205295 Method and apparatus for holter recorder with high resolution signal averaging capability for la April 27, 1993
A method and apparatus for an ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring system for recording, detection, measurement, analysis and plotting of high resolution electrocardiographic data having a modified Holter recorder that performs digital signal averaging of selected signals as we
4336810 Method and apparatus for arrhythmia analysis of ECG recordings June 29, 1982
Method and apparatus for arrhythmia analysis of Holter-type ECG recordings including a tape playback unit having an analog signal output of successive ECG complexes or heart beats, a converter for generating data composites representing each complex, a computer for making and storing
4216779 Blood pressure monitoring system August 12, 1980
Apparatus is disclosed for long-term ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure by an auscultation method, employing a pressurizable cuff and requiring no intervention by the patient. Heartbeats are sensed by ECG electrodes, and a microphone is used to sense the Korotkow sounds as the p
4136690 Method and apparatus for vector analysis of ECG arrhythmias January 30, 1979
ECG signals from two approximately orthogonal leads are combined in a rectangular-to-polar coordinate converter to obtain signals representing the magnitude and angle of the vector. The vector angle existing at the instant the magnitude of the QRS vector reaches its peak is first ide
4123785 Recorder for cardiac signals with manually actuated event marking October 31, 1978
A miniature tape recorder intended for ambulatory recording of cardiac signals over a twenty-four-hour interval includes a clock with a visual display and an event marking circuit. Cardiac signals are recorded simultaneously on two tracks on the magnetic tape used by the recorder. Th

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