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Chepurnoi; Nikolai P.
Novosibirsk, SU
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4819741 Reversiele percussion device April 11, 1989
A reversible percussion device, having a casing 1 in which is installed a movable striker and a system for distributing fluid under pressure for causing the striker 4 to move for both forward and rearward movement functions of the device. The system comprises a control member 9 for c
4708211 Reversible air-operated percussive action machine for driving holes in the ground November 24, 1987
A reversible air-operated percussive action machine for driving holes in the ground has a housing accommodating a hammer 2 capable of reciprocating therein. An air distributor 3 is arranged in the hammer 2 in the form of a fixed tube 12 and a valving member 13 movable relative to the tub
4629008 Reversible percussive action machine December 16, 1986
A reversible percussive action machine comprises a housing which accommods a hammer capable of reciprocating motions under the action of a pressurized fluid, and a fluid valving member for controlling the distribution of fluid with parts for fixing it in two fluid control positions
4606414 Percussive air tool August 19, 1986
A hollow housing has a piston hammer arranged for reciprocation therein. hammer has a rear end chamber, an air distributing valve secured in the rear end portion of the housing and adapted to be received by the rear end chamber of the piston hammer. A headpiece is secured to the forwar
4570723 Machine for driving holes in the ground February 18, 1986
A machine for driving holes in the ground comprises a cylindrical housing, hammer disposed inside the housing, and an air distribution mechanism. Longitudinal recesses and projections are provided on a portion of the outer surface of the housing at its head end section. The diameter of t
4440240 Method of making holes in the soil and apparatus for performing this method April 3, 1984
The method of making holes in the soil includes driving a capsule into the oil by percussive action and filling the capsule with the soil. Then the driving of the capsule into the soil by percussive action is continued, with the soil passing therethrough. The capsule is then withdrawn fro
4398609 Apparatus for sinking wells in the ground August 16, 1983
A specific feature of the apparatus according to the invention which incorates a percussion unit to a tail piece whereof there is attached a rope connecting to a means of extracting is that fitted into said tail piece coaxially therewith and with a clearance is a ring, the clearance
4174758 Percussive action pneumatic device for drilling holes in soil November 20, 1979
The percussive action pneumatic device for drilling holes in a soil by cocting same has a cylinder-shaped housing with a conically pointed head portion. This pointed head portion of the housing is engaged in the internal surface of the tail portion of a hollow tip with a pointed end. A

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